Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road to the Christys. . . and Away I Go!

My bags are (almost) packed, and in just a few hours I'll be leaving on a jet plane for Orlando, where I will be immersed for four days in the world of books and authors and a few musicians at the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) and the Christy Awards.

I want to share one last stop on the Road to the Christys before I leave though. Today's stop focuses on one of the finalists in Contemporary Romance. If romance is not your thing, hang on! This novel could have just as easily been a finalist in either the Contemporary Series or Suspense categories; this author has deftly combined fast-paced action, military suspense, and authentic romance and heart. Like all of her novels, Ronie Kendig's third book in her Discarded Heroes series, Wolfsbane, is one that was impossible to put down. She is one of my must-read authors, and she has also become a good cyber-friend this year. I am SO looking forward to meeting her in person and getting to know her better in Orlando!

Below are the book summary, trailer, and my review, along with Ronie Kendig's bio, as originally posted on my blog last August.

Embark upon a danger-laden mission within the pages of Ronie Kendig’s riveting Wolfsbane. Demolitions expert Danielle Roark thought escaping from a brutal Venezuelan general was a challenge. Now she’s charged with espionage and returned to the jungle where a new nightmare begins. Will Dani survive or become just another political pawn destined to be lost forever? Former Green Beret Canyon Metcalfe is disgusted with the suits on Capitol Hill. Still wrestling with the memories of a mission gone bad, he and Nightshade launch a mission to find Dani. Can Canyon rescue Dani, armed with nothing but raw courage?


I love getting books in the mail to review, but I get an especially big smile on my face when I pull out a Ronie Kendig book. I really shouldn't be so excited, because I know it will cause me to go to sleep entirely too late and be tired until I finish it! Ronie has once again written a story with plenty of heart-pounding action and suspense, but what I love is how she infuses the story with heart and relationships -- not just romantic attraction, although that is there, but that between siblings, co-workers, mentors, etc. I absolutely had to make myself close the book and turn off the light. Her novels have given me a new appreciation for the incredible and unspeakably tough job our Special Forces soldiers are trained for and accomplish. She has become one of my must-read authors with this series. I can't wait until the fourth (and final) Nightshade book, Firethorn, comes out next year!

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Ronie Kendig grew up an Army brat, married a veteran, and they now have four children. She has a BS in Psychology, speaks to various groups, volunteers with the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), and mentors new writers. Nightshade, Discarded Heroes #1, has earned recognition as a finalist in Christian Retailing's 2011 Retailer's Choice Awards as a finalist and with The Christian Manifesto's 2010 Lime Award for Excellence in Fiction. Ronie lives in the Dallas/Ft Worth her family and their pets, Daisy, a Golden Retriever and Helo, the Maltese Menace.

Visit the author's website.

Remember that you can be part of the action on Monday night by signing up for the Christy Award Liveblog, to be hosted by author Rachel Hauck!

Of course, I'll post the results here on my blog as soon as I can, along with pictures!


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