Friday, September 14, 2012

A Friday Flashback

Last night on FB, a friend mentioned the old TV show That Girl. Anyone else remember it? Marlo Thomas starred in it. I was pretty young when it aired (it was on ABC from 1966-1971) but my sisters watched it occasionally and I loved the intro.

This reminded of of a couple of other old classics that I remember my family watching occasionally. Again, I was pretty young, so I mostly remember the intros!

This was Sally Field's second sitcom, after Gidget. Remember The Flying Nun?!

And Petticoat Junction! I love how they always announced when things were in color! (And sometimes they'd say "in living color!" Wonder what "dead color" would be!)

Speaking of color, I vividly remember my shock when we finally did get a color TV and I discovered that the intro to on of my favorites, Family Affair, which I'd always seen as this:

. . .was actually this:

(The intro wasn't the only thing I liked about Family Affair. I loved the entire show. And I thought their big front doors with the door knobs in the middle of the doors were so cool!)

I always thought the way they did the intro with the hands on My Three Sons was clever!

What about you? Do you remember these? Are there old classics that you remember, perhaps not so much because of the content but because of the theme or some other reason?


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sara said...

I loved all of those!! My brother and I also religiously watched Hogan's Heroes and Guilligan's Island (which I can still sing the whole inro!)

Jill said...

I remember those! I loved the That Girl opening. I thought it was so cool!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

I used to love those old shows. I remember especially watching them when I went home to visit my parents. Within this past year, I was able to occasionally find some of the reruns of the Flying Nun! I actually remember when it first came on TV. The sisters in Baltimore were invited to a special showing!