Friday, May 3, 2013

Is it May-bruary?

Um, could someone please turn the thermostat back up outside? It's early May and it was dropping to around 40 degrees last night with a blustery wind. It felt like it was mid-February! I really don't want it to be 104, but 80 sounds really nice, and that's what it usually is in Central Texas right now!

I saw this on FB yesterday and it made me laugh out loud. So much for February being the shortest month!

And if you need something to curl up and read, check out the latest issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. The featured author, Jocelyn Green, commented that she felt kind of silly being in a coat and scarf on a magazine in May. . .until it snowed where she lives yesterday! She's a delightful and gifted author and you will want to learn more about her by reading the featured interview.


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Skoots1moM said...

i so wanted some snow, any snow, this Winter...but no such luck. Now the mosquitoes will carry me away whenever I try to work in the yard. Prayers for no mosquito-shared viruses will be appreciated :/