Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There's No Place Like the Hodgepodge

Another week, another Hodgepodge. Or in my world, another week, another set of "lasts" for my graduating senior.

1. May is National Blood Pressure Month...what sends yours soaring, either literally or figuratively? What calms you down? When did you last have your BP checked?

Stupid school rules and bad decisions raise my BP. LOL Piano music, a shoulder massage, or a hug calm me down.

I run a pretty low blood pressure, so I only get mine checked at doctor's appointments. I think the last time was back in December.

2. You just found $1-what do you spend it on? How about $10 $ $100?

I'd just put the $1 in my wallet. The $10 - I might go to lunch. And $100? I don't even know. A fun outfit, maybe?

3. Mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food has been proposed, but not enacted in the US. How much attention do you give food labels before you buy? Are you in favor of labeling if it means an increase in food prices? Is this an issue you've been following and feel strongly about, or is this the first you've heard of the controversy?

We were talking about this just this weekend. I do look at labels if I'm buying something new - mostly checking things like sugar, fiber, etc. I've been mildly following it.

4. May 15th marks the birthdate of Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz. At this point in time, are you more in need of brains, courage, heart, or a trip back home? Explain.

I guess I would say brains, because I have way too many things to juggle. Although what I really need is a nap.

5. "There's no place like home" is an oft repeated line from Baum's book. When was the last time you felt the truth of that statement?

Any time I come home from a trip.

6. Steak...yes please or no thank you? What cut do you prefer and how do you like yours cooked? Sauce or no sauce? Besides your own kitchen, where's a place you like to go to get a great steak?

YES! I am a Texas gal, after all! My fave is a 6 oz. filet, medium well, bacon-wrapped. No sauce - I want to taste that good ol' Angus beef! Roaring Fork, Salt Grass and Taste of Texas are my favorites.

7. When was the last time you were in a genuine hurry?

Trying to think of an answer to this question!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Some friends were stopping by last night with a gift for my girl so I made a Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie. Haven't had one in years. Oh. My. I had forgotten how delectable that is, especially warm with a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla on top and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Ooh-la-la!


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Joyce said...

I haven't had a chocolate chip pie in years either. Or even a homemade chocolate chip anything really. Cutting back on sugar is not much fun! Enjoy the lasts : )

Jill said...

#8 made my mouth water! I feel for you going through those moments of joy/nostalgia as your senior gets ready to graduate. : )

bp said...

The pie sounds yummy!!
Enjoy this memorable time with your girl.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yum on the Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie and I hope you find some time for that nap!

LynnMarie said...

Eating low carb cuts out the pie pretty quick, but your sure does sound good. Hope you got that nap in.

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sorry.. But I just forgot everything else you've said here, when you mentioned that chocolate chip pie!!!! I may have to try that recipe out!.. Nice to meet you via Wednesday Hodgepodge, and have a great week! ~tina