Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Special Morning and Flashback Friday Prompt

Yesterday morning was such a sweet time. Our church staff retreated away from the office to spend the morning in prayer. As Care Ministry Coordinator I had the privilege of participating. We were at a former member's lake house just a few minutes from the church, and for the first hour we scattered around for individual times of prayer. I was fortunate to snag the upstairs porch, and this was my view as I worshiped and prayed:

After an hour we came together for an extended time of prayer for our church and our ministries, both within the community and within the church itself. I've been part of churches for all of my life, and I've never known a staff that is as intentional and passionate about making and growing disciples as this group is. Every activity, every ministry is filtered through the question, "How will this reach others for Christ and grow strong families?" Nothing is done by a knee-jerk reaction because it's trendy or because "it's always been done that way." And besides that, it's just a fun group to be with! We ended the morning with a stop for lunch at a nearby grill.

* * * * *

Soooo, I don't really know of a smooth segue from a prayer retreat to the Friday Flashback, so I'll just jump right in!

How old were you when you got your first (paying) job? Did you work during the school year? What stipulations, if any, did your parents put on spending, saving, etc.? What types of jobs did you have before you were, oh, 21 or 22? Did you go to college or a technical/trade school? If so, did you work while you were pursuing your post-high school education? What were your favorite -- and least favorite, if you wish to share! -- jobs? What did you learn from those early jobs?

Be sure to post your flashback tomorrow and then come link up here!


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Cindy said...

What a nice setting for your retreat. I've been thinking about finding a get-away for myself for the same purpose. I just would love to have a weekend alone to read and pray.

Unknown said...

That prayer retreat sounded wonderful! We all need time to spend in intentional prayer like that!

Great prompt for this week!


Cathy said...

That picture is beautiful. Looks like someplace I'd love to spend some time.

I'll try to be back tomorrow to participate in the Flashback. Good prompt.

quilly said...

It looks like you found the perfect prayer sanctuary! I love it when ministry is intentional rather than rote. That is when we really become God's heart and hands.

I am looking forward to Flashback Friday. You've picked another novella topic!

Diana Ferguson said...

What an awesome opportunity to get away for prayer and renewal!