Saturday, May 1, 2010

TSMSS - Tears Are a Language God Understands

Beginning way back in the 1970s, Christian singing groups were hugely popular, and they were the pioneers of using drums and other "heathen" instruments in churches. Groups such as Roger Breland's Truth, Heritage Singers, Derric Johnson's Re'Generation (of which author Angela Hunt was a member), The Continental Singers, and Eternity (one of my favorites) paved the way for many of today's singers. In addition to their group recordings, Truth launched many singers who went on to perform solo or as smaller groups, including Dick & Mel Tunney, Steve Green, and 4Him.

I dreamed of being in a group like that. I'd turn up the radio and sing just like I had a mic! (Yeah, I'm weird. So be it!)

I stumbled across this classic from the Heritage Singers recently. Although the style is pretty dated, I have always loved the words. Besides hearing it on the Christian radio station in Houston, it seems like I vaguely remember singing this in church when I was in high school - either in a duet or a small group.

You'll find more great songs over at Amy's!


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Mrs.B said...

Here is mine for this week

Thanks for sharing

Karen said...

YES! I remember this one. Brings back so many memories of singing with a trio, quartet or ensemble "back in the day". Isn't it amazing how much more those words mean after decades of walking with our Precious Lord!

Beth said...

I learned something new. Didn't know Angela Hunt was in Regeneration. I am sure my parents have a cassette of that group laying around somewhere. Thanks for the memories. I still like the words to songs from those groups. Have a Truth songbook that I sung a few duets out of way back when!

Lisa notes... said...

I never heard this one, but the lyrics are very comforting! Thanks for pulling one from back in time so we can enjoy it still today.

Cathy said...

That is beautiful, Linda. I don't remember hearing it before. Blessings ~

quilly said...

This was completely new to me. I still felt a bit nostalgic listening to it just because of the style. I imagine this is something my Gram would have played on her fancy-smanchy tape player! (She thought she was cutting edge, and I guess in 1975 she was!)

Debbie Petras said...

Linda, what a beautiful song this was! They lyrics are so comforting. I never heard it before but I'm glad you posted it. I'm a day late in visiting TSMSS but I'm glad I came by.