Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cliche is the New Original

I am perplexed by and weary of the latest overused cliche I see on billboards, t-shirts, and even on a baby bib: X is the new Y. (This is also known as a snowclone.)

40 is the new 30. (Birthday supplies)
50 is the new 30. (Birthday supplies)
Green is the new Black. (From fashion to environmentalism)
Pink is the new Black. (Even an Amazon category!)
Black is the new Pink. (MSN on frugal fashion, BBC astronomy news)
Black is the new Black. (Huh?! Fashion and Race)
Messy is the new Neat. (Time magazine article on neatness; baby bib)
Frugality is the new Chic. (NPR on economy)
20% is the new 15% (MSN on tipping)
Global is the new Local. (Christianity Today on missions)

I even saw one that said 70 is the new 50. So if that's true, and 50 is the new 30, does that mean 70 is the new 30?! Yikes!

It goes on and on ad nauseum.

Speaking of ad nauseum, I made up a new one that is an apt description for me this evening.


And as much as I love historical novels, my early entry for Friday's Giving Thanks Challenge is a testimony to how glad I am for modern conveniences.

Back soon. I hope!


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Cathy said...

I've seen that too. What's wrong with the old 50 or the old whatever. lol Oh well.....

quilly said...

Will you share your Gatorade with another sickie who is just as befuddled as you?

CeeCee said...

I know! Recently I heard Beige is the new Black. What's that suppose to mean?

Did I miss something? Are you sick? If you are, I hope you're feeling better soon. Hugs!