Sunday, November 1, 2009

Have You Ever. . .?

Found this fun little meme over at Quilly's and thought I'd give it a try.

Have you ever. . .

1. Been pulled over? Yes. I think about 4 times in my life. The first time, I had on my nursing uniform and just got a warning.

2. Dyed your hair? Not even a drop.

3. Pulled an all-nighter? Once during finals. And then kept dozing off in the test. Then I pulled LOTS of all-nighters when I worked the 11P-7A shift for 2 years!

4. Fallen down in public? Yes. I'm sure Xandra will be only too glad to fill you in.

5. Broken a bone? Yes, and I fear it's not the last time!

6. Had braces? Yes. It's the only reason I can close my mouth.

7. Built something out of wood? A decoupage of the Tyndale printing press at VBS when I was a kid!

8. Been to Disneyland? No. Just Disney World once, in conjunction with a work conference.

9. Eaten a Krispy Kreme donut? Yes, but they aren't anywhere near as good as Round Rock Donuts!

10. Screamed during a scary movie? Don't watch 'em. I yelp when my man appears in the house after work and I didn't hear the door open!

11. Been to a professional sporting event? Houston Astros.

12. Slept till noon? Maybe once as a teen, but regularly when I worked nights!

13. Been arrested? Only my attention (and some might say my development)!

14. Opened Christmas presents early? Not "illegally". But when I was a kid and even now we've done family Christmas a few days early before leaving town. Spreads out the fun and saves the hassle of toting them back and forth.

15. Rolled down a hill? Nope.

16. Toilet papered someone’s house? Never. I think my dad would have killed me. Or made sure the answer to #13 was different!

17. Laughed so hard you cried? Yep. At both ends.

18. Gotten seasick? Never had the opportunity.

19. Shared a sucker with your dog? Never had a dog. Wouldn't do it if I did.

20. Been in an accident? One fender bender in college. And when the deer hit me.

21. Ridden in a limo? Only because that was the airport transportation when I went to Chicago once.

22. Had a pet fish? Reluctantly, yes.

23. Been ice skating? I'm not sure I would call it that. Precariously walking while desperately holding onto the side is more like it. Made it 30 minutes and quit.

24. Locked your keys in the car? I think so, but it was so many years ago I don't really remember. I love love LOVE having the button to push on the keyring!

25. Ridden a horse? Lots of carousel horses and I think one real one as a kid.

So tell me: Have YOU ever?


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quilly said...

Linda -- what a surprise to find this here! Your #17 almost made me have to go change my answer! brb!

sara said...

it is too early for me because i had to really think to figure out what you meant on #17!! LOL!!!

So, do you really feel about pets?! :)

You have never rolled a person's house?!

I think I need to hear the falling down in public story!!!

Brittanie said...

I was pulled over once for following too close to the car in front of me. I got a warning and a I should go to the hospital ER and watch them bring in car accident victoms. I was wearing scrubs too.( I work in a PT office)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I'll never tell!

You had me rolling with # 17 and 23...


Cathy said...

Fun list! You've never done #15. Girl you gotta get out and try it. This is so much fun. Used to do it as a kid and then did it with my kids. I love it!

Barbara H. said...

I love being able to open the car with the button on the keyring, too, and wish there was such a device for my house.

#7 is impressive!