Monday, December 21, 2009

A New Tradition?

For a variety of reasons, we never managed to put more than the lights on this year's Christmas tree. That is a good thing, as it turned out.

My girl tends to be a bit allergic to trees; they generally make her congested and her occasional asthma flares up. She has steadfastly maintained that it is worth it, however. Both kids are extremely resistant to the idea of an artificial tree. My girl can tell you exactly which table we were sitting at in a restaurant the year we announced our plans to get an artificial tree. She burst into tears, and my boy said in a most incredulous tone of voice, "I can't believe you would even think of doing such a thing." I thought the kids were going to walk out on us!

So we've continued to get a real tree year after year. However, this weekend my girl started getting really congested and coughing. And since she's singing a solo at the Christmas Eve service, we realized the tree had to go.

So now it is on our back porch, just outside the breakfast room window. It looks really pretty out there, especially at night when it's dark and the tree lights are on. Who knows? This may be our new tradition! For me, I love the fact that I've already vacuumed the dead tree needles from the living room floor and that I won't have to do that again this season!

I'm planning to put the gifts under and around a table displaying the nativity scene.


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Edna said...

I had to take mine down also already, my eyes and nose has been running every since we put it up last Wed, so we took it outside and we are just not going to have a tree.

I can't take being sick.


Cathy said...

That'll work!

quilly said...

It has been 19 years since I last had a tree in the house. I do not miss the hassle or the mess. Because we are moving I didn't decorate at all this year. Amoeba and I agreed we wouldn't, but he said something yesterday that made me realize he is missing the trimmings.

sara said...

sometimes changes aren't so bad!!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I get stuffed up too! Not as bad as your daughter though.

2cats said...

I didn't tell anyone that we were getting a fake tree. I found a really nice one and put it on lay away. When December came my husband and son asked to go get pick out a tree and I said that I already had. I figured since I was the one to do the decorating and the cleaning up after it was my decision and mine alone to go fake or not. I hated finding tree needles in July.

Kim said...

You are funny, Linda! See, leaving the tree off is a good thing! He! He!

Join the ranks of the treeless!

Seriously, I hope your daughter feels better soon! I want her to be able to enjoy this special time of year with family without the accompaniment of allergies!

BIG HUGS to you sweet friend! I look forward to blogging together in the new year!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Or just get an artificial tree and then buy a small real wreath or length of garland for a little bit of the smell. Maybe a smaller amount of the greenery wouldn't aggravate her so much, but you can still enjoy the smell of pine!