Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Beautiful but Waaay Too Short!

The rumors are true: it snowed in Central Texas today! It lasted maybe half an hour and then the sun immediately started burning those clouds away. Nothing stuck, but it was oh-so-pretty swirling around in the air. It actually came down fairly hard -- more than just a dusting of flurries -- and there were some pretty big flakes. I just wish it had lasted long enough for me to get home and take a couple of pictures. Even Houston is getting more snow than we did!

It sure was pretty while it lasted!


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Cindy said...

We didn't get any of the snow that was forcast. Maybe next week. But I shouldn't complain I guess. I'm told we had 17 inches on the ground this time last year!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh Linda, if you could only see my facebook pictures of the snow we got between 7:00 pm last night and 10:00 am today! Boy Howdy is it looking like Narnia up here!!! Snow in Texas is a treat though huh!!!

quilly said...

Well, I might have been able to handle pictures of snow, but it's doubtful!