Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Bubbling Over

Everything's bigger in Texas, so why should blogging be an exception?

Texas Blogging Gals

About ten days ago I stumbled across a brand-new group, the Texas Blogging Gals. Organized by Diana at To Everything A Season, this is a site simply to connect bloggers that are either located in Texas or were born in Texas (even if they live elsewhere now). As of last night there were almost 60 bloggers who had linked up on the main site! We are an eclectic bunch - you'll find city gals and rural gals, young bloggers and old wise experienced bloggers, gardeners, cooks, crafters, and lots and lots of bloggers who love the Lord! So if you're a native Texan or live in the Lone Star state, head on over, sign up, and grab the button for your blog! If you're NOT a Texan, go check 'em out anyway - I've met some great gals!

(And Texan or not, you can check out this giveaway!)

And just a little challenge. . . there's one blog called Traveling Longhorns - I can't believe I haven't seen any who claim that other school!

(Insert Aggie joke that they haven't figured out how to blog yet!)

(I crossed that out just for you, Xandra!)

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Really. This month is the 50th birthday of the poppable wrap. To celebrate, you can even pop some virtual bubble wrap! And that's not all: check out the variety of methods that can be used to pop the real stuff (I can't believe how many people sent in suggestions!), send an ecard, or shop for shirts and other bubble-y things! Sealed Air, the company that makes Bubble Wrap, also has a site with fun activities.

So break out the bubbly (wrap, that is), grab a Pop Tart or some popcorn and your favorite soda pop, and pop away! It's guaranteed to pop a smile onto your face!

I'm sure my popularity index just went way up for keeping you informed of such breaking news! Just don't burst my bubble and tell me otherwise!

And of course, I can't resist posting this!

Who says Mondays aren't fun?!


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quilly said...

Don't get so excited about those Texas Gals you forget the rest of us!

Chel said...

Linda, thank you so much for the reminder. I have opened a window several times today wondering just exactly what I was about to do - oh me! - anyway it was to check out the Texas Gals! My sister (Chel @ Leaving a legacy) emailed it to me then I saw the button on her blog and I STILL kept forgetting what I was going to do. So now I shall wander on over yonder and check them there gals out.
Chel & I love the video!! KC is a hoot!

Nonnas News said...

Fellow Texas blogger here! :) I just heard on the radio as I was getting ready for work that it was Bubble Wrap day! LOL

Look forward to your posts in the days ahead. Im a follower now!


Cathy said...

Have fun with the Texas girls. It does seem there are a lot of you out here. Don't forget the rest of us though. I love that video!

sara said...

so if you lived in TX twice and all your relatives were born in TX, and your dad put a jar of TX soil under you when you were born so he could say you were born over TX soil (true story) can you join?!!

Andrea said...

Yep...don't forget about us!!
Hugs and blessings, andrea

bp said...

This is a fun post!!
I will go check out the Texas bloggers :)

Have a great week!

CeeCee said...

Wish we had something like this in Michigan!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Linda, this post was incredibly insightful. I mean, how could I have MISSED Bubble Wrap Day?! Oh you saved the celebration for me...thank you thank you! I'm bubbling with joy! :-P

Gay Vaughan said...

Linda, thanks for mentioning the giveaway! Did you leave a comment telling me? I will check that out. We Texas girls have to stick together...and I may have to follow your lead. This was a wonderful post!

Nola said...

I found you via Tx Blogging Gals. I'm probably the ONLY one from that list that shouts "Boomer Sooner"! No, wait Brenda at Cozy Little House is a Sooner, too! Well, Texas is a big state, so it can handle the friendly competition, right?