Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Dozen of Olympic Proportions

1. If you could compete in one Olympic event (not necessarily winter sports) what would it be?

I am so athletically challenged! But since the nature of this question presumes that I would have the talent and ability, I would probably choose figure skating. It is such a beautiful sport.

2. Do remember a specific Olympic moment from the past?

1988 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Mary Lou Retton bounding down the mat and vaulting her way into America's heart as she landed two perfect 10s, winning the All-Around Gold Medal and becoming the first American woman to win a gold medal in Gymnastics.

Eight years later, Kerri Strug's second vault after tearing her ligaments on the first attempt, resulted in the first-ever Team Gold for the US Women. Her coach, the infamous Bela Karolyi, carried her at the medal ceremony.

And of course, the whole Nancy Kerrigan heartbreak. She was such a wonderful skater.

There are others, but I'll stop! Have I mentioned that I love the Olympics?!

3. Have you ever known anyone who competed in the Olympics?


4. If everyday activities were Olympic-worthy, which activity would you have a gold medal in?

Reading books. Now wouldn't that be a riveting event to watch!

5. Do you know anything about your ethnic heritage?

A smorgasbord, with Scotch-Irish being a little stronger on my dad's side, and German on my mom's.

6. Do you enjoy sleeping late?

Even as a teenager, I was never one to sleep the morning away, but I do love to sleep until 8:00.

7. Have you ever performed CPR on anyone? Do you know how? (Yes, that's two, I know. Whatevs.)

Yes and yes.

8. Name one country you'd like to visit and explain why.

Canada. Because it's a beautiful country. I'd especially like to go to Lake Louise.

9. Have you ever fixed up a couple romantically?

No way. It was hard enough to get myself married!

10. What is the last book you read?

Never Blame the Umpire. L-O-V-E-D it. Review coming soon.

11. Do you enjoy sleeping late? NO, YOU write the question! How's that for random??

Let's see. . . .What is your earliest memory?

I have a vague, "snapshot" type of memory of being in the nursery at church. I was probably 2 or 3. A more vivid memory, also from that age, was my mom carrying me through a haunted house (which I'm sure was very tame - this was the early 1960s!) that some folks at our church had made for the youth. They invited the entire church over one Sunday night after church. I remember "screaming bloody murder" as we say down here - no, actually I was just paralyzed with fright, absolutely petrified. I've hated haunted houses ever since.

Gee, Lid, why don't you ask a gentler question?!

12. What is your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant?

The Taste of Texas restaurant in Houston. Their salad bar, a six-ounce filet mignon, baked potato and their bread. And their legendary - and free! - cinnamon coffee afterwards.

Join us over at Lidna's and let the Games begin!


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lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

" I was never one to sleep the morning away"

Early Risers always say that.
Love it. I wish I were a morning person, but that will never bet.

BARBIE said...

Canada is a beautiful country. I would love to visit as well, especially after seeing it's beauty all week during Olympic coverage!

SouthLakesMom said...

I love your answers. We visited Eastern Canada last summer and couldn't get enough. I think we'd need to use every summer vacation left in our LIVES to visit it all! But the Vancouver area is definitely on my list...after the Olympics leave. We have friends that live out there now so good excuses!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Loved the answers, Lid, esp. the one about the haunted house. We say "screamed bloody murder," too. Cracks me up when churches sponsor haunted houses. ? I know some blogging Canadians who are going to love you for this entire post.

Jill said...

I also have memories of an early visit to a haunted house and I also hate them! I do love figure skating, but I'd never have the grace or ability for that either. Fun answers!

sara said...

I have been to lake louise and it is gorgeous!!! I lived in north Dakota right on the boarder for years so we took a trip their once!

well, we both love a good steak!!!!

my earliest childhood memory was when I was about snowed in AZ (very unusual) and my mom made me snow ice cream...I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back it was melted....I cried!! :)

Faith said...

Love your answers....I remember those Olympic moments too but for the life of me I could't remember either gymnasts name!
we LOVE canada.....of course we have been several times due to the fact that we are in NY and it isn't far for us. I must say that meal sounds delish you describe....

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Reading books wouldn't be much of a sport to watch, but it would be fun to participate, wouldn't it? Great answer!

I loved the question you came up with for #11...wish I had thought of that! Maybe Lid will take all of everyone else's questions and make on Random Dozen with those to give her mind a break~I may suggest that!

Your answer hurt my heart, though. A haunted house? Seriously?

And any restaurant that serves FREE cinnamon coffee after their meal MUST be tried. We go through Houston every time we come home...will have mental note.

Melli said...

I don't like sleeping either. I woke up at 8:30 this morning and am KICKING myself for it! I guess I need to start setting an alarm...

My earliest childhood memories are not particularly "good"... for instance - I remember riding my trike around in circles on the corner and getting stung by a bee on the back of my neck. Because I was all the way down on the corner, I had a long way to run to get help because our house was in the middle of the block. And that's about the BEST of the bunch!

CeeCee said...

Yeah, I can't sleep in even if I want too. Once those eyelids open, they are open. We visited Canada a couple of years back, and would love to return.

Love your answers!

Joyce said...

I would love to see more of Canada. We went to Prince Edward Island in September and down thru Nova Scotia beautiful! I'd like to do the train out west.

We say 'scream bloody murder' too. Great answers!

Angie said...

Enjoyed the video. I posted one as well; it's fun looking back at the BIG moments of the Olympics!

Love # 4! Great answer.

Oooh, loved # 11! Great question. My earliest memory is when I was 3 yrs old. We walked into Disney Land and the 7 Dwarves surrounded me (and some other kids). They were dancing and singing, but my parents were outside the circle and I was screaming and crying for them. Horrible! I never want to see a giant Dwarf again. :)

Um, Taste of Texas sounds wonderful.

Kim said...

Linda, I think we're twins! Honestly!! And I want to go to that steak house you mentioned! WOWZA!!

Dawn said...

I love your answer to number 4, I can't believe that I didn't think of that, reading should be in the olympics, it would give everyone a break from the high paced games ;)

Your earliest memory is cute, any memory is better then no memory :)

Whos is Never Blame the Umpire by? Someone just reccomened this book to me and I kind of wrote it off, but maybe I'll reconsider.


Tami said...

Love reading your answers! I was so focused on the winter olympics I forgot to mention those summer olympics moments. I remember those well too! I also answered "reading" as my olympic event! LOL

Cathy said...

Great answers! I'd love to try that meal in #12.

Nel said...

Enjoyed your answers. I had totally forgotten about Mary Lou. I enjoyed her also. I am not a big olympics fan, only because I do not watch a lot of TV. But I do remember her. She was awesome too. Thanks for sharing...

until next time... nel

Thena said...

Love your answers. Matchmaking one made me LOL.

Barbara H. said...

I said figure skating, too, and mentioned some of the exact same people in Olympic memories.

The earliest hazy memory is a birthday party -- all I can remember is tons of balloons. The earliest concrete memory is when my brother was born when I was 4 -- at home. My mom had been to the dr. that day but was told she wasn't ready to deliver yet. She'd been having back labor all day, and by the time she knew the baby was coming, it was too late to go anywhere. I wasn't in the room when it happened, but I knew something was going on and couldn't understand why I couldn't come in. :-) My grandpa was there, so I was totally alone while the parents were having a baby.

Loved your answer about match-making!

Susanne said...

Lake Louise is almost in my back yard and it is breathtaking. As is Banff which is close by. Come on up!

That meal sounds awesome!

Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

I wish I thought of 4 :)
11 cracked me up! Shift the blame. LOL

Becky said...

Hey girlie...I loved your post today!! My college roomie lives in Houston and I visit her every year but have never been to Taste of Texas. I will have to do that this year!! I gave you a blogger award on my blog!

Mrs. E said...

Always looking for new book titles! I'll have to come back to check out the review!

quilly said...

I am about to start, Never Blame the Umpire -- I just got in in today's mail. How did you finish yours already?!

My earliest memory is of the "angel" on the "cloud" in our living room. She would let me climb up and she would hold me and rock me and sing to me. I was happy there. The angel loved me.

I repeated this memory to my grandmother when I was older. She said I was three years old. My mother had cancer. In the last few months before she died, my mother slept in a hospital bed in our living room. The bed was white and my mother wore white flannel gowns.

Debbie Petras said...

I love the memory of Mary Lou Retton's moment and I'm so glad you included the video. As nurses, we must know CPR, right? :)

I joined in on this meme during the night when I couldn't sleep so I signed up last; lol. But once I finished I went back to sleep.


Lisa Spence said...

Love the Olympics, especially the winter!

Lisa Laree said...

Lake Louise is on my short list of places I'd like to visit, too!

Chel said...

Oh yes, I can't seem to get enough books to ready myself. Now that I am working full time again it's gonna hurt! I may be in Houston in April, I must go to the restaurant you mentioned.
Lake Louise is gorgeous! We took our kids skiing for their first time there and my daughter still reels at the fact that an Austrailian taught her and her brother to ski. I walked on my first frozen body of water then....too weird for me really.
Great answers.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Watching the Mary Lou Retton video really brought back some great memories! I remember being so awestruck by her (I was 12 at the time). As an aside, although I've never met someone who competed in the Olympics, I met Bela Karolyi when I was waitressing at Pappasito's in Houston. He was seated at my station...I thought it was so cool!