Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Things

I got home Wednesday afternoon from Houston, where I spent a couple of days so I could take my MIL for a procedure. There's nothing like warm fuzzies from your girl on the telephone to make you feel irreplaceable. As in:

My Girl: Mom, no offense, but I like it when you aren't here.
Me: Why?
My Girl: Because we either order pizza or go out to eat.

Now I know how I rate!

On the way back from Houston, I passed a road crew picking up litter. Actually they were stopped for lunch and the guys were scattered across the median eating their lunches. It was 44 degrees - not the ideal temperature for a picnic!

But those guys didn't have it as bad as this Secret Service Agent; I don't know how much he gets paid, but it isn't enough!

Guess it really is the White house right now!

I'm sure they've been accused of it many times, but it appears there really is a snow job going on at the Capitol!

And in case those of you enduring the umpteenth day of the kids being out of school, here's some suggestions of things they can do outside:

BTW, it's always good to clean up the kitchen before you go to bed. Otherwise, you might end up confessing it on the news: I heard the plates I didn't wash from dinner rattle," said Alice Fabbre of Joliet.(Regarding the Illinois earthquake Wednesday morning; from Chicago Breaking News center.)

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quilly said...

At least you're loved and appreciated -- even if it was for leaving ! ROTFLOL!

Loved the Calvin cartoon best. Too funny.

Washington politicians are finally getting the snow job they deserve! (I'm sorry all the other folks are suffering, too.)

sara said...

oh our children have a way with words at times, don't they?!!

my young son was trying to figure out family dynamics once (dad works and brings home $$, what does mom do?) and said to me "what exactly do you contribute to the family?"

ya, my response......tomorrow you will find out....when I quit doing it.

Andrea said...

Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.
Blessings, andrea

Cindy said...

Fun post...I liked your comment about the snow job in Washington! lol

Skoots1moM said...

i'm laffing with you and sara...
my dd comes out with some of those, too!
i get corrected these days on almost everything i say...
love your beautiful

BARBIE said...

Don't you just love how brutally honest our children are?