Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flashback Friday Prompt - We Interrupt This Broadcast

As much as I love Wednesday Hodgepodge, I was a surprised and a wee bit dismayed at one of this week's questions because it is the topic I had waiting in the wings for Flashback Friday! But we'll just consider it a running start and expand on it a bit.

Did you parents watch the national and/or local television (or radio!) news when you were growing up? Did they have a particular favorite network or newscaster? What about subscribing to the newspaper? Did they shelter you and your siblings from news or was it discussed out in the open? Were you easily frightened by news events? Did your parents explain them? What significant news events do you remember from your childhood? What stands out about them? What is the earliest historical/news event about which you say "I'll never forget where I was when ________ happened"? (And where were you?!)

Post your flashback tomorrow on your blog and come back and link up so we can all reminisce together!


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