Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flashback Friday Prompt

When this idea came to me Wednesday evening (after I very nearly completely forgot about FF!), I thought that surely we had already done this one. But checking through my records confirmed that we had not, so dust off your memory banks and dive in!

What fads were popular when you were growing up? Which were seen as "must-haves" and which as simply silly fads? Did you like them or hate them? Which ones did you have? Which ones did you long for but never get to have? Were your parents pretty tolerant of fads or did they resist them? Were they the type to be sure you had whatever "the" Christmas gift of the year was? What about fad speech? Were there particular phrases or words that were common to your generation? Have any of these fads made a reappearance in your adulthood?

So like, it would be far out if you could like, you know, share your thoughts tomorrow and come hang out here so we can check out your blog and see how stupid you acted your memories! Totally!


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1 comment:

sara said...

ha ha!!! somehow I don't think you ever talked like that!!! My biggest disappointment was not getting an easy bake oven!!