Monday, March 28, 2011

This Still Makes Me Smile!

Yesterday our Missions Pastor had a couple of adults and teens give brief testimonies/recaps of the mission trip to Progreso we took over Spring Break. My girl and GG were two that had the opportunity to share.

Before I get to their stories, I learned an extra tidbit about those teen boys who walked 30 minutes to come to VBS on Thursday that made that even more special. One of our teens guys (an incredibly mature 8th grader potentially headed for the ministry) who shared yesterday said that the day before, the guys said they weren't going to come on Thursday. J (our teen) was really burdened and said he prayed a lot for them Wednesday night. When our vans came back to the church with the neighborhood kids and the boys weren't on it, he was so disappointed. So seeing them walk up a few minutes later and discovering they had left home even earlier than the van would have picked them up to walk to VBS was a huge "Wow God" moment for him!

My girl talked about having the opportunity to be part of a home visit to share with a woman who is the grandmother of one of the little boys in her VBS group and then how he made a decision the next day when she shared the gospel during VBS.

GG shared about the experience of doing the manicures and pedicures and what a challenge that was, particularly because she has a "thing" about touching anyone's feet. Then she talked about how neat it was to share her testimony with the ladies during that time. "I was translating it in my head from German to English, and the translator translated it from English to Spanish. It was so cool!" She said it really demonstrated to her how powerful God is.

Powerful, indeed. And what a blessing to have a front row seat to watch Him work in these young lives!


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Anonymous said...

Linda, how awesome that you are able to witness the way God is working in the lives of the youth in your church! This is the next generation in the making!

Skoots1moM said...

love seeing/hearing how today's generation is participating in His work...<3 it!!

Andrea said...


sara said...

I love hearing those stories and for our teens to see God show up in such powerful ways!!!!

quilly said...

How wonderful that the kids not only had the experience, but were able to formulate it into testimony and see concrete benefit from their actions.