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Blind Spot

Blind Spot
Chesapeake Valor, Book 3
Dani Pettrey
(Bethany House)
ISBN: 978-0764212963
October 2017/336 pages/$15.99

The Wrath is Coming. But They Don't Know Where--Or When.

"The wrath is coming" were the final words that FBI agent Declan Grey heard the suicide bomber say. Now Declan is in the chase of his life--but isn't sure exactly what he's chasing after or when the threat will be unleashed on American soil. When his investigation's best clue leads him to a closed immigrant community, he turns to Tanner Shaw for assistance. She's sought justice for refugees and the displaced around the world, and if there's anyone who can help him, it's Tanner.

Tanner Shaw has joined the FBI as a crisis counselor . . . meaning she now has more opportunity to butt heads with Declan. As they work together to uncover the mounting threat, the tension between them also includes a spark she can't deny--and she's pretty sure Declan feels the same. But before anything more can develop, they find themselves in a race against time to stop the coming "wrath" that could cost thousands their lives.

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Praised by New York Times bestselling author Dee Henderson as "a name to look for in romantic suspense," Dani Pettrey's novels have sold more than 300,000 copies. Dani combines the page-turning adrenaline of a thriller with the chemistry and happy-ever-after of a romance novel. Her novels stand out for their "wicked pace, snappy dialogue, and likable characters" (Publishers Weekly), "gripping storyline[s]," (RT Book Reviews), and "sizzling undercurrent of romance" (USA Today).


I am loving this series, and Dani Pettrey continues to raise -- and meet -- her own bar in this third novel. Blind Spot gripped me from the opening pages and wouldn't let go with its unrelenting danger and suspense and its cast of authentic personalities. Fast-paced action and dialogue keep the pages flying and make this one hard to set aside at the end of a chapter. Declan, Tanner, and their cohorts are tops in their respective fields yet Pettrey also depicts them realistically dealing with the challenges of life and jobs in the context of their faith, whether strong or struggling, which makes them even more likable. A satisfying resolution ties up the story while a thread leaves readers eager for book 4. Blind Spot is a great addition to your fall TBR pile. Grab your copy today!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a copy of this book free from Dani Pettrey and Baker/Bethany House for a blog tour. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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1. Can you share a little about yourself?

My husband Mike and I have been married twenty-five years. We have two beautiful daughters, two adorable grandsons, an awesome son-in-law, and a one-hundred-and-twenty pound Newfoundland puppy that looks more like a bear than a dog, but has the sweetest temperament ever. I’ve been writing for fourteen years, published for seven, and my tenth book will release in July 2018. I love hiking, kayaking, traveling, and the beach, and I am always in search of the world’s best iced mocha. I love connecting with readers, so please drop by and say hi!

2. Can you tell us a little about Blind Spot?

Blind Spot features federal agent Declan Grey and crisis counselor Tanner Shaw as they face one of the greatest terrorist threats to America since 9/11.

3. What do you love most about Declan and Tanner?

I love their passion for fighting injustice, their desire to help those hurting and in need, and their deep-rooted faith in God. They are people of character trying to make a difference in a world where they face fierce opposition, and it’s only through the Lord that they are able to overcome and prevail.

4. What’s the theme of Blind Spot?

I don’t set out to write a story with a particular theme in mind. Rather, I sit down and write the story the Lord lays on my heart, and then I look back and discover the common theme running throughout the characters’ journeys. Hope is the theme of Blind Spot. Hope in friendships, family, loved ones, and, most important, hope in Christ and all that we have in and through Him and His constant presence and love.

5. Your heroine, Tanner Shaw, works to combat human trafficking and continues to help victims make new lives for themselves in the aftermath. How does she handle such darkness and evil in the world?

Tanner’s hope and faith in God, and in His calling on her life, equips her to break the atrocious chains of bondage for victims of human and sex trafficking. Her faith sustains her through the darkness, and the battle is worth every scary situation she encounters, even if just to help set one woman free.

6. What are you working on now? What can readers look forward to next from you?

I’m currently working on two projects. I’m in the revision process for book four of the Cheaspeake Valor series, Dead Drift, which will release in July 2018. I’m also extremely excited to be partnering again with Dee Henderson and Lynette Eason on a novella collection. When those projects are complete, I will dive into my new series, Coastal Guardians, which features Coast Guard Investigative Service special agents and is set in coastal North Carolina. I’m thrilled to be able to bring new characters and new settings to my readers in the coming years.

Many thanks to Bethany House Pulishers and Dani Pettrey for providing this fun chat!


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