Friday, June 6, 2008

"Bear" with Me

Yes, I kept some.

Before I loaded up the van with all the bags of my boy's childhood to take to Goodwill, I rummaged through them and pulled out a few things. Then in the parking lot of Goodwill, I grabbed a few more!

The traffic Hot Wheels cars were the hardest to part with. I cannot count how many hours he played with those. And how many hours I sat on the floor with him, trying to jump-start my uncreative imagination as we played cars together.

But he's defiitely not a little boy any more. Tomorrow he and my man leave for a two week Boy Scout trip - they'll be camping a week in Yellowstone and then backpacking 5 days in southern Wyoming. My boy is hoping that his pack won't weigh more than 40 pounds. Yep, I'd say he's growing up.

For those of you who think I have incredible kids who keep their rooms neat and clean out their closets spontaneously, let me assure you that my girl's room could be dubbed Tornado Alley. She lives life with gusto and the effect of the gusts are strewn across her floor. . . . at least, I think there's a floor under there. Under the threat of no fun this summer, she has slowly been cleaning and organizing this week as well. I may see her in July!

Actually, she and I will go spend some time with my mother-in-law while the guys are trekking. With all of her school activities, as well as some medical issues with my father-in-law, my girl hasn't seen her grandparents since Christmas. The facility where my FIL is has a piano and I'm hoping he'll have a good day while we're there and enjoy hearing her play some hymns and her recital pieces. Alzheimer's patients generally respond favorably to music, so I'm hopeful.

Meanwhile, I'll be trying not to worry that the guys are encountering bears. Which I've learned could be black bears or brown (aka grizzly) bears. Except, black bears in Wyoming are brown, cinnamon-orange, or blonde. And the grizzlies' colors vary from black to blonde. (So was Adam color-blind when he named the animals, or what?!) I don't need to know what kind they are to know I want my guys far, far away from them! And yes, the bear in that picture is a black bear!

BTW, I just saw this in the news. . . . Take your kids to Krispy Kreme for a free doughnut today!

Bear photo courtesy of Google images


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Tammy said...

Hi Linda,
Good for you for purging and organizing! But glad you kept some things...
(In fact, I just posted on something my dear mom kept from my childhood that my youngest got to wear this week!)
Hope your son and hubby have a great time camping!
And thanks for the heads up on Krispy Kremes- I didn't know!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I wonder if Jeremiah will ever do that treking! I have to tell you are girls sound alot too! You can't see the floor in Bekah's room for the stuffed animals! She definately will be cleaning in there for awhile! Have a great time with the in laws!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Alas, all the Krispy Kremes in our area have closed in the last few years. Bummer.

But I totally relate to this post. My kids are much too young to get rid of their toys. (In fact, I usually get scolded for surreptitiously getting rid of the Happy Meal toys.) But I know I'll have a hard time when that mythical someday comes. It's hard to get rid of things that are tangible reminders of sweetness.

Xandra said...

Glad your husband and son are going to have some quality time well as you and your daughter. I would love to hear her play when you come visit!


Tracy said...

So happy to hear you managed to keep a few special toys back from the purge project. = ) You'll be so glad you did that. How awesome that you husband and son get to take that trip together! Also, that you and your girl will have a special visit and time together with the in-laws/grandparents. Have a safe trip and wonderful time!

Becoming Me said...

You make me smile my friend. You are a great mom and wife.

Christina said...

I do the same thing. Keep reaching in and pulling stuff out. I finally have to say to myself "when I'm gone who really wants to inherit all this junk?" I know it sounds funny but it works for me.