Sunday, June 22, 2008

Together Again

They're home.

My man & my boy arrived safely this evening. Not as bedraggled as sometimes, since the campground in Kansas Saturday night had showers. But plenty tired and oh-so-glad to be back at home. Sixteen days is plenty long to be gone, sleeping in tents, and traveling with all sorts of personalities. And without their daily fix. I stocked up this afternoon, and I think they've already consumed almost a gallon of the six gallons (2-skim, 2-2%, 2-chocolate. We need a cow!) that I bought.

The benefit, however, to some of the interpersonal challenges my boy experienced is that he actually missed his sister and voluntarily participated in hugging her when he got home. Twice!

Not too many tales of the trek yet. They did say they saw a grizzly about 100 yards away when they were backpacking. And Mount Rushmore (a schedule change due to some Yellowstone trails still being closed because of the snow that first week) isn't as huge in person as in pictures. But with my guys' personalities, the stories generally trickle out over the course of several days as they get rested.

It's just as well. Because there is no "trickle" to my girl. She has to catch them up on the whole two weeks that they missed. In one fell swoop.

On the way to bed, she had to give Dad the tour. Because she is finally purging. Not the bulimic kind. But the empty-her-room kind. And it is amazing what one room can hold. She has virtually single-handedly filled up our trash container and our recycle bin, and there are multiple bulging plastic bags ready to be donated. Hence, "the tour."

Once the bug bit, she began clearing out with a vengeance. While she is keeping some things that do have sentimental value, she is definitely being logical and discarding everything that "has absolutely no meaning to me." Including a plethora of stuffed animals. (Woohoo! Why is it that girls are such a magnet for stuffed animals?! And where do they all come from?)

And seemingly a bazillion bookmarks, tiny erasers, pens, pencils, markers, stickers, notepads, and all sorts of other little doodads. Apparently stuffed animals are not the only things that spontaneously appear and procreate in a girl's room!

She's still not done but she's well on her way, and she's enjoying the feeling that comes with bringing a pile of junk stuff out into the hall and whittling it down until only a small amount goes back into the room.

As I was straightening up the living room before the guys got home, she even reorganized the DVD disaster area and we rearranged a couple of side tables to give us a bit more room.

I wonder if I could convince her to clean out the hall closet next. . . .

It's so good to have my family all under one roof again.


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Xandra said...

I know you are thrilled to have the guys home again! Enjoy you time together and don't forget to post some of their stories.

As for the stuffed animals, the phenomenon of socks being lost in the dryer happens in the reverse in children's bedrooms. Those animals MULTIPLY exponentially just by being in close proximity to one another.

I think a scientific study needs to be done.


Angela said...

And your daughter is 12, HMMMMM a couple of years left before that happens in this house I guess. When I go in her room I just want to run and hide, and she is still collecting those stuffed animals. HE HE! And dear little sister is right behind her.

Glad the men made it home and had a great time, and I can so understand on the milk thing. Two things I need in my house... a cow, and chickens. Grocery bill would be so much lower...

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

So glad you're all back together again...and the girl's cleaning, WOW! I'd keep sending her to other rooms of the house while she's still got the bug :)

Anonymous said...

Send that girl to my house next! So glad your guys are home. Enjoy your time together. Next thing you know they will be getting their driver's license...see my new post.


Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Wow our girls should get together! My dd just emptied 4 trash bags from her room. It was quite a purge......although the stuffed animals still are reproducing in her room. She just turned 11, so maybe next year. :)
It's neat to see them taking ownership for their rooms.
Glad to hear the fellas are back safe at home. Any my fellas also drink TONS of milk! I usually buy 5-6 gallons a week.

Natalie said...

I could use a extra pair of cleaning hands coming back from vacation! Enjoy your time together. It's so precious!

Carol said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! Mt Rushmore? Wow! Now I'm feeling the cleaning bug coming on. You just don't know how much I love to organize. Just hearing about it makes my heart beat a little faster.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Genny said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the book! I got it today. Looking forward to reading it!

Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

So glad your chickens are all back in the roost! Two of my kids are gone to Georgia and I feel nekked - in a good way.. :))

Anonymous said...

PinkGirl needs a purging mentor. Can I borrow your daughter?