Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Just Thought It Was Settled!

Ahh, the calm after the holidays, when the days stretch out with little or no stress and December's mile-long To Do List morphs into January's wintry simplicity.

Or not.

I blogged on Monday about the glorious way God has provided an apartment for my soon-to-be-on-Stateside-Assignment missionary sister. Well, He is still blessing. Either that, or He's messing with us. (Yes, I'm joking!)

And I am stressing.

I mentioned that there is a local church with a missionary house where she has stayed the last 2 times she's been on S.A. That house has been booked for quite some time to house some missionaries for an entire year. We have checked repeatedly. Still not available.

Yesterday, I received a call from that church. Seems the missionary couple has decided to retire. They have bought a house, already closed, and are in the process of moving. The missionary house is likely to be available. Rent-free, furnished.

But as of noon today, the coordinator has been unable to get in touch with the couple to verify that they will be out of the missionary residence by February 1.

And tomorrow, I'm supposed to complete the lease signing at the apartment so I can fax it to the electric company, along with proof of DNA documentation proving my Power of Attorney status. (I won't even go into the conversation with the gal at the electric company who couldn't seem to grasp what POA means and kept insisting she had to personally talk to my sister to set up service!)

So. . . .earnest money has been paid to the apartment. Deposit has been made to the gas company. Compared to the amount to be paid in rent and the hassle of finding furniture, kitchen stuff, etc., that's not much money to lose.

But I'm still waiting on a definite answer. Does my sister have 1 or 2 places to live? Or if I'm not careful, will we be back to zero? And why all the upheaval when it looked like God had provided so magnificently? Is this the heavenly version of Bait & Switch?

I know why I've had a migraine all day!

Who has understood the mind of the Lord. . . ? (Isaiah 40:13)

(Just so you know - I'm not in a faith crisis. I just don't do very well with waiting and unknowns. Especially when the ducks line up so nicely and then get out of their rows!)


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sara said...

Seems we both have a bit of stress today!

Well, we all know it will work out, but I am praying for you for wisdom in the decision making. I know it's a big responsibility to be doing it for your sister.

Maybe someone needed to see God work the way he worked on he's going to show them how else he works!

Keep us posted!

Natalie said...

I think that is one of my "stresses" of life too. The unknowns. I guess that's why God is in control and I'm not. I couldn't handle to responsiblity very well.

Keep us updated!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I can relate to the ducks pic and way of thinking. This will all work out.

Beverlydru said...

Having just gone through moving my daughter, I know a bit of what you are dealing with. One day at a time.

I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Great book reviews. Great title about "eating your young". I can relate there too!

Love the ducks photo. I might have to borrow those. : )

lmerie said...

Bless your heart! I am with you on the waiting and unknown! I have a mental of image of how I want to be, but I just cannot get there!

Chatty Kelly said...

Today's post is basically the story of my life. I CAN RELATE. Hang tight. It will all work out.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh I hate it when ducks move too! Praying it will all work out!

Mel said...

oh no the ducks need to stay in a row...the uncertain is agonizing!!! I look forward to reading the resolution.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

Great duck photo - made me smile. LOVE it. Hope the "flux" doesn't last too long. I hate flux too.

p.s. Hopefully, supervisors know what power of attorney means. Saves time. and frustration.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

The fear of the unknown is the worst. Whether it's waiting for a diagnosis or for an apartment, our minds play tricks on us sending us down the darkest path it can imagine.

Aren't you glad that God is directing that path? :) Hang in one month's time, this will have been resolved and you will have moved on to other things.


Cathy Davis said...

(What happened??)

How about some lemonade? Pls come to my blog to see what I'm talking about :-).