Sunday, January 25, 2009

Too Bad Mocha Doesn't Start with N!

Sara had a fun meme on her blog. If you participate, the one whose blog you comment on assigns you a letter and you list your 10 favorite things that begin with that letter.

I'm such a word geek that I thought it would be really easy. I was smugly thinking of things I would come up with even if she gave me the "dreaded" Q or some other obtuse letter.

That noise you just heard? That would be my pride shattering on the floor.

Who knew this would be such a hard letter? But it's a letter that is more comfortable hidden inside a word than out in front.

Aside from the tiny little detail that they are not among my favorites, I decided it was better not to list Narcotics. Or Nudity. Or Narcissism. And even though my background is Nursing and I gave great shots, Needles didn't seem a real clever thing to list either.

But I was able to find some favorites that start with this Nettlesome letter:
  1. Naps. Especially on Sunday afternoons.
  2. Novels. I'm sure this comes as a huge surprise! But I do indeed like to curl up with a good one. I like many types, but one of my favorite genres is. . .
  3. Nineteenth-century fiction. Maybe it's a holdover from my childhood when I fell in love with the Little House series, but anything set in the 1800's absolutely intrigues me.
  4. No-iron clothes. 'Nuff said..
  5. Nabisco. As in Oreos. Also Nilla Wafers, Graham Crackers, Nutter Butter, Ritz. . . .
  6. Notecards. Love finding cute ones. I like sending them. And as much as I like email, there's nothing like getting a note in the mail from a friend!
  7. Nativities. I especially love wooden ones. I have one made of wood from Bethlehem that I love.
  8. Nuts. As in food, not people! Especially pecans - raw, baked, you name it. Cashews and mixed nuts are good too.
  9. Newsboys, Nicol Sponberg, & Nichole Nordeman. These gifted musicians have some great songs.
  10. Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. Straight out of the bag, in cookies, melted with fruit, or as an IV drip - I'm not picky.

Now. I know None of you are Nitwits or Nincompoops or Numbskulls. N-deed, you're just Naturally N-telligent and Nimble-minded. So if you wanna play along, let me know in the comments and I'll randomly pick a letter and send it to you!


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    Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

    I think you did a great job!!


    Mel said...

    Linda i am with Xandra you did a great job, but I would have let Nuts be either or...Nutty people are fun or can be!!

    BTW I am a word nerd too!!

    2nd Cup of Coffee said...

    I love cashews. Could possibly be my favorite food.

    Debra said...

    Those are some great N's! Hope you had a great Sunday!

    Edie said...

    Those are great words Linda! You did good. Ok I'm in. Send me a letter please. :)

    Edie said...

    Thanks Linda! I'll need a little time to think about it. I have some posts scheduled so will plan to post this on Saturday. Have a great week!

    My ADHD Me said...

    Hi. I'm already in beverly dru's list but just wanted to say hi.

    I used to LOVE Little House on the Prairie books!!

    A Stone Gatherer said...

    O.K. Linda your a hard act to follow but slap a letter on me and I'll give it a try! You can sure tell your a writer/reader!!!!

    Elizabeth said...

    I would love to play... could you please give me a letter :-)