Monday, June 15, 2009

Father's Day Blog Tour

Here are two books for Father's Day, one for Dad (Mom, too!) and one for the kid who wants to curl up with next to dad and read a book together!

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
(Random House/Multnomah)

“Great biblical truths are meant not only for our intellectual acceptance, but for our spiritual health.” –Dr. Al Mohler

More faulty information about God swirls around us today than ever before. No wonder so many followers of Christ are unsure of what they really believe in the face of the new spiritual openness attempting to alter unchanging truth.

For centuries the church has taught and guarded the core Christian beliefs that make up the essential foundations of the faith. But in our postmodern age, sloppy teaching and outright lies create rampant confusion, and many Christians are free-falling for “feel-good” theology.

We need to know the truth to save ourselves from errors that will derail our faith.

As biblical scholar, author, and president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Albert Mohler, writes, “The entire structure of Christian truth is now under attack.” With wit and wisdom he tackles the most important aspects of these modern issues:
  • Is God changing His mind about sin?
  • Why is hell off limits for many pastors?
  • What’s good or bad about the “dangerous” emergent movement?
  • Have Christians stopped seeing God as God?
  • Is the social justice movement misguided?
  • Could the role of beauty be critical to our theology?
  • Is liberal faith any less destructive than atheism?
  • Are churches pandering to their members to survive?
In the age-old battle to preserve the foundations of faith, it's up to a new generation to confront and disarm the contemporary shams and fight for the truth. Dr. Mohler provides the scriptural answers to show you how.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., serves as the ninth president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary-the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world.

Dr. Mohler has been recognized by such influential publications as Time and Christianity Today as a leader among American evangelicals. In fact, called him the "reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S".

In addition to his presidential duties, Dr. Mohler hosts The Albert Mohler Program, a daily live nationwide radio program on the Salem Radio Network. He also writes a popular blog. More infomation and a variety of articles, sermons, and speeches are available on his website. He is married to Mary, and they have two children, Katie and Christopher.

Excellent book, but this one is not for wimps. And probably not for the beach. It is not a quick read, for it requires some serious thinking -- and probably a dictionary within reach. But it's important to give careful consideration to many of the questions he raises in order to ensure that we are indeed salt and light and not whitewashed tombs.

You can purchase this book directly from the publisher or from Amazon or Lifeway.

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Chuck Black
(Random House/Multnomah)

Sir Dalton, a knight in training, seems to have everything going for him. Young, well-liked, and a natural leader, he has earned the respect and admiration of his fellow knights, and especially the beautiful Lady Brynn.

But something is amiss at the training camp. Their new trainer is popular but lacks the passion to inspire them to true service to the King and the Prince. Besides this, the knights are too busy enjoying a season of good times to be concerned with a disturbing report that many of their fellow Knights have mysteriously vanished.

When Sir Dalton is sent on a mission, he encounters strange attacks, especially when he is alone. As his commitment wanes, the attacks grow in intensity until he is captured by Lord Drox, a massive Shadow Warrior. Bruised and beaten, Dalton refuses to submit to evil and initiates a daring escape with only one of two outcomes–life or death. But what will become of the hundreds of knights he’ll leave behind? In a kingdom of peril, Dalton thinks he is on his own, but two faithful friends have not abandoned him, and neither has a strange old hermit who seems to know much about the Prince. But can Dalton face the evil Shadow Warrior again and survive?

Chuck Black began writing to inspire his children to read the Bible with renewed zeal. His first series, The Kingdom Series, is a collection of Biblical allegories that are set in a medieval time period. They cover the span of time from Genesis through the book of Revelation. Chuck’s current works include The Knights of Arrethtrae series, of which Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart is the third book.

Chuck is a former F-16 fighter pilot and currently works as an engineer for a firm designing plastic consumer products. He has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering and served eight years in the United States Air Force. Chuck and his wife have six children.

It is Chuck’s desire to serve the Lord through his work and to inspire people of all ages to study the scriptures in order to discover the hope and love of a truly majestic King and His Son. More information and activities can be found at his website.

My boy has several of these books and has enjoyed them, and knowing that the author was an F-16 fighter pilot was a bonus for him. This is one of his favorite genres to read. His one complaint is just that the books are too short!

This book may also be purchased from the publisher, Amazon, or Lifeway.

Happy Reading!


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Beverlydru said...

I received my book last week and can't wait to read it. My browser is doing wierd things to your blog... it's probably just me... but the stripes go all the way through the words (usually there's a solid background behind the posts). Really hard to read! LOL. I feel a little cross eyed now.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh I want that first book and Jeremiah would probably like the 2nd book!

Brook said...

What age would you say this book is for? I'm starting to look for some books for my nephew's birthday.

Mocha with Linda said...

I would say tween, and even my teenager likes them, although they are on the easy side for him. Amazon says the reading level is ages 9-12. They are comparable to Chronicles of Narnia, but shorter.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

You know that Dr. Mohler is my hero, right? LOL! Thanks for the copy of the soon as I get a free minute, I'm going to start reading it!