Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Respect

Maybe she's not as smart as I thought.

My girl was making chocolate chip cookies earlier this evening and began wondering who invented the chocolate chip cookie. I told her I thought it was a woman who chopped up chocolate for her cookies thinking it would melt as it baked, but it didn't. (I was right.) Lots of great recipes come from mistakes!

I bet you can guess what she asked next. In complete and utter seriousness.

Were chocolate chip cookies around when you were growing up?

It's not like I'm that old. Just because we had no computers, phones were attached to the wall with a cord, we had never heard of a microwave, and recycling meant taking our soda bottles (and any others we found along the side of the road) back to the store for nickels, I'm not exactly in the same category as Laura Ingalls Wilder. We did have electricity and indoor plumbing, I'll have you know!

Maybe top rank is just another term for knowing how to rankle your mom!

BTW, I didn't mean to cause such a ripple in the blog world by my little declaration about disliking Chinese food. My laptop is still reverberating from the gasps of shock and awe! (I hope we can still be friends.) My aversion primarily stems from (1) my love for crunchy foods, and most of the food in that category appears to be wet and slimy, and (2) my days as as a college student and the plethora of eggroll carts set up on campus as well as on "The Drag", the eclectic street that ran alongside campus and contained bookstores, street vendors -- and a fair number of folks whose hygiene left much to be desired. The strong smell emanating from the eggroll carts was less than appealing in and of itself, but juxtaposed with the shuttle bus exhaust and other unsavory "scentsations," it permanently squelched any desire I might have had for an eggroll.

But chocolate chip cookies? I've loved those since BEFORE I was born!


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Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Ok I did have to laugh out loud when I read your daughters statement! :) We just love our kids, despite their warped minds!
And yes I can now understand your disdain for Chinese food, I won't hold it against you!

Bridgett said...

My daughters ask the same thing all the time, "did that have __________ in the olden days, you know when you were a kid!" Ahem, but I'm only 38!

sara said...

LOL!!! What are those kids thinking?!!! sounds like something my kids would say!

I guess that explains the dislike of chinese food, but I am like you...I love crunchy food....chips and salsa baby!!

Heidi said...

Mmmm, I can taste them choco chippers. Perhaps your daughter would be interested in this little tidbit I read recently about where cookies originated. Colonial (or some time period back there) bakers decided to make just a tiny, little *test* cake before they baked the big one. These test cakes were ultra popular with the young pilgrims and became known as cookies.

Or perhaps she would not. Either way. And I respect your culinary tastes, no Chinese, no problem. Nice aromatic post.

Beverlydru said...

My daughters think it's hilarious when I refer to the salon as the beauty parlor or call a purse a pocketbook. REALLY OLD SCHOOL they tell me! I gave you a shout out in my post today. Thanks again for the wonderful book give-aways.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL! Nathan and Grace recently guessed my birth year at 1942 (only 30 years off!) and thereby began the campaign to make me feel old!

I think some of my best recipes have come from trying something new, failing and then realizing that the unexpected result tasted great.

As for the Chinese should give it another shot. One of my favorite things about it is the crunchy vegetables in stir fry!


Kim said...

Oh Linda! This is FUNNY!! Thanks for sharing! Glad to know you're not the only parent perceived to be older than dirt! Ha! Ha!

Suzanne said...

My grandmother was friends with Ruth Wakefield (is that her name? I think it was)...who ran the Toll House Inn. The story goes that she was in a hurry one day and chopped the chocolate instead of melting it for her chocolate cookie recipe. My grandmother ran an inn on Cape Cod (Eagle Hill Farm) and visited Ruth Wakefield to learn about innkeeping. I always wished I'd had that original chocolate cookie recipe, too. Bet it was awesome.

Suzanne said...

It's seven in the morning and you've given me a craving for chocolate chip cookies!!!! So much for dieting!

Skoots1moM said...

my dd laffs at my having been the "remote control" when i was a kid..there were none sat on the floor always while watching LEAVE IT TO BEAVER or LUCY, so i always got the privilege of changing the channels


Robin Lambright said...

I concur, Chinese is not my fav's either. Much to the DH's regret as it is one of his favorites. A true sacrificial act of love on his part because we rarely if ever partake of Chinese food.


Cathy said...

I love chocolate chip cookies and chinese food!

My kids are always telling me I'm old too. My answer back is, "At least I made it to old, you're not going to if you keep making remarks like that!"

Hasn't stopped them yet. lol

Anonymous said...

oh no she di'ent!

Thanks for sharing the origin of chocolate chip cookies. I love cool trivia.

I like Chinese food, but I tend to wear the results in big sodium generated bags under my eyes the next day. Same with sushi - the soy sauce gets me every time.

Mel said...

ok that is funny in a twisted way wondering if you had chocolate chips...i do remember not having the tubes and tubs of pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough...we had to use the recipe on the back of the tollhouse bag...

i do love chinese food but only certain things...3 of my 4 children like it but nothing will get my youngest to eat it at all.