Friday, June 12, 2009

This Seems Familiar

A little before 8:00 p.m. last night, I noticed it was darker than normal outside, and the sky had a funny tinge to it. So we turned on the TV and sure enough, the radar was lit up like Christmas. And then the local weather guy said those dreaded words.

"Tornado warning."


And we were right in the storm's path.

While the kids and I watched the TV report, my man went out and watched the sky. And found a huge padded piece of vinyl or plastic or something in the garage and covered my van. He didn't bother with his, since it is finally scheduled to go in on Monday to get the dings removed from our March storm. (Our roof hasn't been fixed yet either. This is precisely why we haven't been in a hurry.)

A couple of tornados briefly touched down about a mile or two on either side of us. And the hail was relatively short-lived and only the size of large marbles or quarters. No golfballs at our house this time.

But I bet a few folks in the neighborhood with their brand new roofs were cringing.


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A Stone Gatherer said...

Ya see up here in Michigan we have few tornados and when we do have watches or warnings we have basements. I don't think I'd do well living in TX without a basement!

Robin Lambright said...

We deal with this all summer long. Not much gives me the willies like the threat of a tornado.

Unfortunately we have never lived in a hose that had adequate safety from tornadoes. The house we have now has no basement. We do have an interior bathroom with no windows so that would be the safest room in the house. Every time there is a tornado or sever storm warning (there was one just yesterday afternoon as I was coming home from running my errands) it gives me pause for concern, but it never developed into a tornado warning.

Thankfully we now have fixed it so we can get both vehicles in the garage so we can protect our cars from hail damage.

I hope you and yours weather this tornado season with out incident!


sara said...

boy, it is a gamble this time of year as to when to get it all fixed!! We got a new roof last year because of hail and fortunately picked the right time! Im just glad that storm didn't head our way!!

Heidi said...

Speaking of roofs, a new one is being put on our house right now as I type. As for tornados (tornadoes?), I'm with A Stone Gatherer from Michigan, we don't get many, but when there is a warning on the news, I am completely freaked out! We do have a basement and I have made the entire family go there, under a heavy steel table, in the middle of the night, in the past.

Hope your van and you made it through the night okay.


Kim said...

WOW Linda! The Lord protected your family again. What a blessing! We get tornadoes in this part of Alabama a lot too, but lately they've all been on either side of us as well.

Praise GOD for His protection!

My ADHD Me said...

Weather is one of the only things that we have actually no control of. And, it can be scary. Hope all went well.

I've never seen golfball sized hail. We had some nickle size here the other day and I think that's the largest I've ever seen.

My grandfather, who was a fire chief, said that more than anything else, lightning and wind were his biggest fears. At least fire is relatively predictable.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Oh I'm so glad it missed you!


Br. Blessings said...

The mocha looks very good

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

My cuz who lives in Tx. was telling me the same thing! She was in a closet with with a mattress over their head!
My, my, my, glad you are fine.
We had a nasty storm here in March, and may get a new roof from it, lots of hail damage.

Anonymous said...

Check out this photo from another Texas blogger I follow.

ominous is right.

Here's a popular link for us: