Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Must-Read! She Still Calls Me Daddy

She Still Calls Me Daddy
Building a New Relationship with Your Daughter
After You Walk Her Down the Aisle

Robert Wolgemuth
(Thomas Nelson)

Dads and daughters. Daddy's girl. The phrases bring to mind sweet images of one of the most precious relationships. Even men who long for a bevy of little boys find themselves unexpectedly smitten from the moment the tiny pink bundle is placed in their arms in the delivery room. Much as been written about the impact that a daughter's relationship with her dad has on her future relationship with her husband. Healthy father/daughter relationships beget stronger marriages.

But how should the relationship between Dad & his girl change once he walks her down the aisle? A wonderful "engagement" gift for the father of the bride, She Still Calls Me Daddy addresses this very issue. With the wisdom, counsel, and experience attained from his own years spent raising and relinquishing his two daughters, Robert Wolgemuth offers practical advice to dads on navigating this unfamiliar - and uncomfortable - territory. He gently yet firmly reminds fathers of the Biblical admonition for couples to "leave and cleave" and provides advice on how to support this process, coupled with examples of things he learned the hard way.

After years spent building a relationship, it's time for a little remodeling. This book provides the tools dads need to do the job correctly and ensure that the end result is beautiful and helps to preserve the new addition. I highly recommend this book - it should be required reading for all future in-laws!

Grab a copy of this book for your daughter's dad and a couple more for gifts. You can get it directly from the publisher or here.

A guidebook for fathers to help them create a new adventure with their married daughters.

Standing at the altar giving their little girl away begins a new day and the need for a new way for fathers to relate to their daughters. Robert Wolgemuth, author of the best-selling She Calls Me Daddy, reminds fathers of the important role they still play while offering insight as to how it must change in the next chapter of their girls' lives. Topics cover seven relational issues:

* Protection
* Conversation
* Affection
* Discipline
* Laughter
* Faith
* Conduct

Includes thoughts on an ongoing relationship as well as on becoming a granddaddy. Discussion questions provide a great opportunity for personal or group study.

Robert Wolgemuth is known as a champion for biblical truth, a biblical worldview, the family, effective communication, leadership, listening skills, relationship building, and traditional values. He is a bestselling author whose titles include She Calls Me Daddy, the notes to the Devotional Bible for Dads, and The Most Important Place on Earth. Five of his books have received Silver Medallion Awards from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

A 1969 graduate of Taylor University from which he received an honorary doctorate-Doctor of Humane Letters, Dr. Wolgemuth is the father of two grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. He and Bobbie, his wife of over 35 years, live in Central Florida. He enjoys golf, versa-climbing, reading, teaching, and The Home Depot.


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A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh I know my husband will need that when Bekah walks down the isle! It is so true, guys and there little girls are a special relationship!

sara said...

as a pastor's wife, this looks like something we should have to give out!! I will be picking this up!!