Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday - Week 2

It's time for our second Flashback Friday!

When was your first date? You can choose either your first date ever or your first date with your spouse - or both! How old were you? What did you do/where did you go? Did anything memorable - either good or embarrassing? If it was your first date ever, did you continue to date that person? If so, how long? If you are sharing the story of the first date with the person you married, did you know then that he/she was "the one" or did it take a longer for love to bloom? Any other memories you wish to share about those wonderfully awkward first dates?!

My first date ever was shortly after my 16th birthday. I felt like I had a brand new life for several reasons. Four months before that, we had moved from one side of Houston to another and changed churches. At our old church, 75% of the congregation was over 50 years old and the youth group had about 4 people. Our new church's membership was 75% under the age of 50, and the youth group had 40+ kids on a regular basis. I was making all sorts of new friends, and one of the guys in the youth group and I caught each other's eye.

My parents were very conservative, so my 16th birthday meant I could finally begin wearing make-up. I had just gotten contacts, as well. New friends, a new look, my first date - life was getting better and better!

We went to see You Light Up My Life and while the movie didn't make much of an impression, I loved the song. Every time it came on the radio, I turned it up loud! We dated off and on and off and on until the final "off" just after my freshman year in college. What made it even more fun was that my best friend dated his brother - except in the on-again/off-again high school dating world, it seemed we were rarely dating at the same time! We did manage a few double-dates, though. He is now a grandfather, and that totally freaked me out when that happened!

I always associate this song with Debbie Boone, who recorded the single and won a Grammy for it. But in the movie, when Didi Conn lip-syncs it, the song was performed by Kasey Cisyk.

My first date with my man was in 1985. He had dated my roommate a few times before I knew either one of them. So he felt a bit awkward about asking me out and waited until she and her soon-to-be fiance/husband went out of town to visit her family. We went to see Silverado and then had dinner at Magic Time Machine (remember the "potty patrol"?!) I didn't get home until after midnight and I had to be up by 5:00 for my nursing job at the hospital. It was worth being tired, though; I had no idea that we would marry, but I was definitely interested in him. Our marriage has outlasted the movie theatre where we had our date and the Magic Time Machine, as both are long-gone. I'm glad it's not the other way around!

Silverado trailer - "Where the West was Fun"

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skoots1mom said...


Barbara H. said...

Fun memories! I don't think I knew that "You Light Up My Life" was a movie, but I do remember the song.

Dawn said...

Love the flashback!

Cae ♥

bp said...

Great story! Thanks for having this fun meme.

Have a great weekend.

Kim said...

What a fun story! Have never heard of the Magic Time Machine or "potty patrol" -- what's that all about?

Glad you've outlasted whatever it is! :-)

Mocha with Linda said...

The Magic Time Machine's potty patrol? If you asked a server where the restroom is he/she would start yelling "potty patrol" and the other servers would come over and they would all lead you on a very circuitous route to the restroom, all the while yelling "potty patrol". I was so worried that would happen to me!

sara said...

I LOVED the magic time machine. When I lived in Dallas, we would take out of town customers was hilarious!!!

so fun to read your flashback. Sorry I wasn't able to do it this week..not enough time.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wish I had had time to do this one, although my first dates were usually just sitting around at my parents' house, unfortunately. I'll be back, Lord willin', next week.

quilly said...

I remember the song and the movie. I saw it at the drive-in theater with a whole car full of friends. I think it was my senior year in high school and I do believe that was the night we stuffed 13 people in Rex's Karmann Ghia.

Cathy said...

Such a fun post. Love you stories and I loved the song, You light up my life. I'm not sure I ever saw the movie though. I can't remember.

Lisa writes... said...

My first "car date" was to see Footloose. I was 15 and I wore a yellow and white striped Esprit top. I wore pants and shoes too but I can't remember them.

Silverado was the favorite movie of me and best friend!