Monday, March 22, 2010

Homeward Bound

Mondays are long enough without becoming a time traveler and repeating the hours you've already lived through once! But that's what my boy and his mission team are doing today.

The group left their hotel in Pattaya, Thailand at 1:30 Monday morning (Thailand time) to drive the 2-3 hours to Bangkok to catch their flight. After a layover in Tokyo, they took off shortly after 5:00 pm Monday afternoon and will arrive on the West Coast at 10:30 am Monday morning. I wonder if they're showing Back to the Future for the airline's movie! Unfortunately, they have a fairly long layover today; they'll finally make it back to Texas tonight around 8:00.

From all the updates we've received, it appears to have been a phenomenal trip. The kids got to call home the middle of the week, and it was great to hear his voice.

I'm praying that their young ages will help them counter the jet lag as they go back to school this week. I don't know how sympathetic the teachers of my boy's AP classes are going to be if he dozes off in class!


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quilly said...

I am glad your son is headed home safely and the trip went well. I am certain he will be fine. I was in my mid-thirties and after an 18 hour flight, 4 airports and 3 transfers, I grabbed 4 hours sleep and then rushed off to the first day of school (I was the teacher)!

Kim said...

This is great news! I'll be looking forward to updates!

Beth said...

Glad they have had a good week. Praying he sleeps on the plane! Can't wait to hear updates!

Cathy said...

How cool to be able to take a trip like that.

renewd42 said...

How neat! Thanks for sharing!Can't wait to hear more!!

Lisa writes... said...

I want to hear all about their trip! I know you are so thankful to have the missionaries home safe and sound!