Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mission Trip Update

Thanks so much for your prayers. My boy and the rest of the team have arrived at their hotel without incident. They are about to sleep for 3-4 hours and then they will be up to start their Monday. They are 12 hours ahead of Central Daylight Time, so that makes it easy for the parents to keep up with their schedule!

I appreciate your continued prayers for their safety, their ministry, and that God would do a mighty work through and within them!


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sara said...

that is so good to hear and I know you are relieved! We will keep praying....are they there for the full week?

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

thanks for the update! I'll be praying too.

Nel said...

Oh good... I will let them know at church tonight.

until next time... nel

quilly said...

I have lifted my prayers for a safe and successful mission.

Lisa writes... said...