Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flashback Friday Prompt

I bet you guessed what this week's prompt was going to be!
Tell about TV when you were growing up. Did your family have a TV? Was it color or b&w? How many TVs did your family have? Did you have one in your room? Did your family leave the TV on most of the day or turn it on for specific programs? Was the TV on or off when you ate meals as a family? Were there rules about watching TV? What were your favorite shows? Are there any particular memories you have of TV in your younger years?

Post your TV memories tomorrow and link up here!


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Joyce said...

My daughter has a fun link on her blog today that you might like...its all about books : )

I played along and linked to it on my blog today. I'd love to see your list!

Love the flashback prompt this week...tomorrow is my younger daughters birthday so I have something for her going up but I will definitely be has certainly changed!

bp said...

Yes I was thinking tv shows would be a good one! See ya tomorrow!

rita said...

Hi, Linda!
I have nothing to say because we did not have a TV.
And last week same story, we didn't go to movies.
So, now, I'm doing major 'catch-up', filling in the gaps so I won't be a cultural ignoramus ;)

Janell said...

Hi Linda. I linked over to you from Jim. I've posted a couple of flashbacks, but I never get them done on Fridays! I appreciate your questions - they get me going.