Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flashback Friday - Prompt

What was bedtime like when you were growing up? Were your parents strict in enforcing bedtimes? Were you a difficult one to get to bed? Did your parents share stories about getting you to sleep when you were a baby? When did your parents turn bedtime over to you? Were there any special rituals/routines a parent did - books, singing a special song, etc.? Nightlights, music, special doll/blanket or other things? Did you have your own bed or did you share with a sibling? Did you have nighttime fears and bad dreams? How did you handle them? Did you ever walk or talk in your sleep? Feel free to also share any routines you have done with your kids.

To help inspire you, this may be one of the most relaxing versions ever, and I'm not a Kenny G fan. Of course, the pictures are worth the time by themselves!

Don't doze off while you're writing your post! Post your bedtime memories tomorrow and come link up here!


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bp said...

I was wondering if we'd be continuing with the same theme of the past few weeks or go in a different direction.

See ya tomorrow!

Jim said...

Good, Linda. I enjoyed reading about your nighty-nite post here.

It was nice to have a brother singing to you. Are you still near your brothers and sisters?

Thank you for doing this meme. It is a nice one.