Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a Random Wednesday!

I just love Wednesdays and getting to answer the Random 12!

1. Describe the best sandwich in the world, according to you.

Croissant with tuna fish like my mom made it (mayo, dash of mustard, pickles, apples); I use the exact same ingredients and it never tastes like hers did!

2. Which inspires you more: a good conversation, a song, a book or movie?

Nothing can move me and touch my heart like a song can.

3. What is your favorite board game?


4. As you grow older, are you more or less patient with small children?

More. Which may have less to do with my age and more to do with the fact that the small ones I'm occasionally around are not my own!

5. Name one item you never let yourself run out of.

Clean undies. And toilet tissue.

(Not that I'm anal or anything.)

6. Do you agree with Tennyson's assertion, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"


7. Name one national treasure or monument that you have visited.

Well, since I live here, I guess I can't count Texas as the national treasure, huh?!

The Grand Canyon.

8. Which is more painful, to be disappointed in someone else or to be disappointed in yourself?

Since being disappointed implies that there were high expectations, I guess I would say to be disappointed in someone else. I can be pretty hard on myself, but I would classify it as highly irritated or disgusted rather than being disappointed.

9. What makes your kitchen uniquely yours?

Lots of baking pans/utensils.

10. Are you a crafty person?

If by crafty you mean making stuff, absolutely not. Glitter and tulle are of the devil.

If you mean cleverly subtle, I can be.

11. What is your favorite traditional picnic or bbq (cookout) food?

Hamburgers. Chocolate chip cookies. Homemade ice cream.

What time should I arrive?

12. Name one leisurely activity you enjoyed over Labor Day Weekend.

Reading. (I know. Surprise, surprise.)

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Louisiana Tara said...

#5 made me laugh so hard I spit out my drink. I love all your puns! :)

Jill said...

Love #10, and I'm a big fan of Scrabble too!

Joyce said...

#10 heehee...I'm with you on that one : )

I love scrabble too...we bloggers and our words. I'm sure we're not the only ones to give that answer today!

sara said...

have you ever played banana grams? It's a fast moving form of scrabble...we love it!

#5 made me laugh

great randoms this week

SusanD said...

Lots of Scrabble players. Love #5! I'm right there with you on being crafty.....uh, not. ahaha. Blessings, SusanD

Maribeth said...

Loved your answers. Stopping by to say hello! I do the Dozen too!
BTW, maybe we are twins separated at birth. I love your barbecue answers! especially the chocolate chip cookie part! Boring old me, though, I put ribs.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

2,3,4,5,8--alike, etc. :) thanks for playing along, and I agree that the same foods made by someone other than Mom do NOT taste the same. My kids, alas, will never have that sentiment. Unless it's the polar opposite!

Kathy said...

Thanks for making me laugh! You were "on a roll" today with your answers :)

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Love #10! And apparently all who read Lidna's blog fear a run on toilet paper.....

Christine said...

Crafty to mean doesn't mean glitter. I think there are all levels of craftiness:)

Melli said...

Myyyyy we have some similar answers today! But your #5 cracked me up! I was totally NOT thinking outside the kitchen! LOL! But I think I WOULD agree with those answers too - I just didn't think of them!

Of course... we're total opposites on craftiness and kitchens... :)

Thena said...

#5 was funny enough but then read some other comments about it. Made poor Tara spit out her drink. LOL
Seems like the most answered is milk and tp and I went with milk. I can't remember running out of tp, if I do there's always paper towels. lol

Cathy said...

Your #5 cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Reading is a wonderful leisure activity.

I think sometimes people make certain food taste good. I know of several recipes I make like my Memaw and none taste as yummy as hers did. But I love feeling close to her when I make her recipes.

Chocolate chip cookies....YUM!

You are punny! (aka funny!)

Barbara H. said...

LOL, loved your take on "crafty."

I've seen lots of Scrabble players visiting for this meme! Makes sense that bloggers would love word games.

I took Tennyson's quote as pertaining to romantic love, and though I'd agree with it, I know some kind of sensitive single people and wouldn't want them to think they were somehow incomplete if God didn't have that for them.

Cindy Swanson said...

Haha Linda, I totally agree with you about Texas being a national treasure! I would SO live there if I could.

Hope you'll check out my answers...I did them podcast-style.

Anonymous said...

Okay with that list of yummy stuff listed and you wanting to know when you can arrive - my answer is - however long it takes you to get from your home (point A) to my home (point B)!

momma24 said...

#10 made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the laughs. :)