Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Had some fun yesterday loving on some toddlers during our church's MOPS program. It's been a few years since a baby buried his/her head into my neck! And I'd forgotten how holding a baby can make the inside of my elbows sore!

All day yesterday I kept thinking that the date, September 13, had some significance. Late afternoon it finally dawned on me that it was the second anniversary of my mom's death. And of Hurricane Ike's arrival into Galveston and Houston, which also wrecked the cemetery where my dad's buried and we couldn't bury her for ten days. And a few days later the deer hit my car. Not a fun week - can't imagine why I would repress the memory!

Here's some advice: Don't ever send your husband to buy a guy birthday gift for your turning-17 boy. Especially if a remote controlled car is on the list. And if aforementioned husband is an engineer who will spend the following week buying new parts to beef the already-ridiculously-expensive thing up. Because then they might stop on the way home from church and dinner the following Sunday to look at parts and end up buying another one, which was even-more-ridiculously-expensive. We live on a cul-de-sac; does it really matter that it has 4-wheel drive and can go over 60 mph?! Men and boys and the price of their toys!

[Note to boy: do not fail to complete and submit National Merit scholarship application. RC cars are not interchangeable for tuition!]

My girl got to play keyboard in "big church" yesterday. She was pretty excited, and even more so when our worship pastor emailed her today to verify two more dates before the end of the year. And it was a bit aggravating that the sermon was on humility yesterday. (Not that I would brag to anyone about her!)

Got a chuckle out of this earlier:
For more information on The Budget – The Amish Newspaper National Edition, please refer to the Contact Us link, and email the appropriate department.

I'm thinking they don't get too many emails from Amish folk. . . .

Have a great Tuesday!


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Barbara H. said...

I hadn't worked in a church nursery for years due to balance issues, but when my daughter-in-law started baby-sitting a little girl, it did bring back those warm fuzzy baby feelings. Can't wait for grandkids!

What an awful week two years ago! It's been a few years since my mom passed on, and those anniversaries are bittersweet.

LOL @ the RC vehicles -- I have 3 boys, and they were into them at various times.

Congrats to your daughter!

Cathy said...

RC vehicles - you gotta love those guys and their toys! Although, I must say both of my girls at one time had one too. But not the real expensive ones though.

sara said...

had to laugh about sending your man out for the birthday gift....so very true!!! But you know, you need 4 wheel drive to get up the curbs in your cul de sac!!! :)

Lisa writes... said...

I know better than to send my husband to purchase a gift--any gift--for anyone! I'm impressed your husband stepped up to the plate!

Oh, and in his defense my husband does many, many things well; gift shopping just isn't among them. ;-)

Craig Weeks said...

A Real Engineer is never going to run a "stock" race car ... not for long anyway. And you, my dear, are married to a Real Engineer on Steroids. The thing that makes him, and any others, good at what they do is that they can look at just about anything and see its weaknesses and opportunities for improvement almost instantly. I know you know this is never going to change so I will stop here.

Suzanne said...

Got your e-mail! Laughing at your blog post today, Linda! ~Suzanne

Lea said...

As the saying goes, "the only difference in men and boys is the price of their toys." How true! What a cute entry! Blessings for a wonderful week!

quilly said...

Ah, but that birthday gift is likely to be another wonderful bonding experience for father and son -- if father actually lets son play with it .... ;)

Sermons on humility tend to come just when they're needed. [looks innocent]

I would love to hold a baby and cuddle for awhile.