Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Carousel Painter

I've recently told you about Dawn's Prelude, written by Tracie Peterson, and A Surrendered Heart, written by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller. Today I am pleased to tell you about Judith Miller's newest release, The Carousel Painter.

After her artist father's death, Carrington Brouwer returns from Paris to America hoping to find work and support herself, as her only possessions are two of her father's paintings. Invited by her friend Augusta Galloway to stay with her family as long as necessary, Carrie quickly discovers that Mrs. Galloway isn't nearly as welcoming. When a need arises at Mr. Galloway's factory for a painter of carousel animals, Carrie convinces him to hire her for the job and moves into a boarding house near the factory. She soon realizes that her presence as the lone female in the factory is highly resented by the other workers - and their wives - but she is determined to persevere and prove her talents. But when a valuable necklace disappears while she is visiting the Galloway home one weekend, Carrie suddenly realizes more than just her job is at stake. Will she be able to prove her innocence or will she end up in jail? And will her friendship with Augusta withstand the test?

This is an intriguing book of life as an independent woman a century ago. The craftsmanship, time, and talent that it took to make the charming old carousels of yesteryear is fascinating and unmatched by today's mass-produced copies. The contrast between the smooth-talking playboy personality of Augusta's suitor, considered to be from "acceptable" bloodlines, and the integrity of Cassie's hardworking, sincere supervisor (Mr. Tobarth) and the factory manager (Josef Kaestner), who are deemed lower-class, is well-portrayed. Cassie's struggles with her pride and how to distinguish the fine line between pride and wanting to attain excellence in her work were easy to relate to. And as she deals with the uncertainty of the outcome of the stolen necklace, her discussions with Josef and Mr. Tobarth about faith and trust are excellent reminders of taking the truths of the Bible from Sunday into our daily lives.

Judith Miller is an award-winning author whose avid research and love for history are reflected in her novels, two of which have placed in the CBA top ten lists. In addition to her writing, Judy is a certified legal assistant. Judy and her husband make their home in Topeka, Kansas. Visit her Web site at

You can purchase The Carousel Painter directly from the publisher as well as from Amazon or


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sara said...

sounds like a good book.

btw, I got the cooking book and I love it!!! I've already planned out to use several of the recipes next week!! thx again!