Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Tasty Read!

It is a well-established fact that I am an avid reader. I also enjoy cooking and baking. So when I had the opportunity to read a book combining these two passions, my appetite was whetted.

A Taste of Fame by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson was a delectable delight from the moment I first laid eyes on the darling cover. This is the tale of six ladies at different ages and stages in their lives who have stirred up their prayer group and formed a fledgling catering business (in addition to their individual day jobs) in their cozy Colorado town. When they agree to be part of one of the ladies' son's college assignments by allowing him to film an event they cater, they unexpectedly find themselves catapulted onto the national stage as they land on a reality competitive cooking show. While they are in their element planning grand events, they each are searching for the recipe for managing the issues in their personal lives, including a marriage in crisis, a husband with health challenges, and dating dilemmas, among others. And in the highly charged competitive atmosphere of reality TV, they discover that when the heat is turned up, sharp knives and hot stoves aren't their biggest dangers.

I loved the authenticity of these flawed characters. No artificial sweeteners here! But I also appreciated how, even in the midst of their struggles, their faith was an integral part of the mix as well.

You can find this book on the menu at Amazon or order it directly from the publisher.

Tomorrow, a chance to win their cookbook!

A Taste of Fame is the latest book in The Potluck Catering Club series and serves up more of what readers have come to love from these feisty characters and the hilarious antics they find themselves in—which takes them this time to the Big Apple for their first taste of fame:

The Potluck Catering Club that these six friends started is already a growing business when a budding filmmaker decides to cast them for a class project. For fun, they agree. That is, until they realize that he has entered his documentary in a new reality show “Great Party Showdown”—and they actually get picked for the show, taking the ladies of Summit View, Colorado, to the Big Apple for the unexpected adventure of their lives. Between navigating New York City, dealing with other cutthroat contestants, and trying to maintain their close friendship in the high-stress world of reality TV, the Potluck women must keep their eyes on the prize—a cool million dollars—and work together if they’re going to make it back to Colorado in one piece.

A Taste of Fame serves up the perfect blend of humor, misadventure, and mouth-watering recipes. Fans new and old will love this exciting trip into the wild world of competitive cooking!

Linda Evans Shepherd is an award-winning author, a successful speaker, and a radio personality. The president of Right to the Heart Ministries, she is also coauthor of the Potluck Club books and the Potluck Catering Club series.

Eva Marie Everson is an award-winning author, a successful speaker, and a popular radio personality. She is coauthor of The Potluck Club series and The Secret's in the Sauce. She lives in Florida.


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sara said...

this one is right up my alley too!!!

bp said...

What a cute cover!