Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Is As Random Dozen

It's time for another Random Dozen from 2nd Cup of Coffee, and I'm actually not late this week. What a novelty!

1. Which is worse: a long, boring meeting or standing in a return/exchange line after Christmas?

Oh, the after-Christmas line, hands down. I avoid it like the swine flu plague. At least in a meeting you can sit! And hopefully the meeting room is in some semblance of order, rather than looking like a tornado went through it!

2. Except for maybe Rosie O'Donnell or Ann Coulter, nobody likes confrontation, yet we all have to deal with it. When you feel cornered and defensive, do you "bite back" or become passive aggressive?

Hmmm, getting a little personal, huh?! Getting in my business?! Well, you just better back off! LOL! Actually, I pretty much only "bite back" with my family. I'm very much the peacemaker and am far too insecure to be as assertive as I should be sometimes. It's from some deep wounds when I was younger. I don't even really think it's passive aggressive, just passive.

3. Do you know anything about your genealogical background? (What country, culture, ties to prominent historical figures, or other stuff.)

I'm a Western European potpourri - mainly Scotch-Irish, English, and some German, but my ancestors have been in these here United States for many generations. My claims to fame, albeit distant, are both on my dad's side of the family. Johnny Cash and I share(d) a many-times-great-grandfather! And I'm also distantly related to Mrs. Baird, but it's never resulted in any dough for me!

4. What is the quickest way a person can endear him/herself to you?

By being authentic and having integrity.

5. Cake, pie, cookies, or ice cream? (Note there is no "all of the above" option. You must choose one. Feel free to elaborate on flavor or memories tied to this dessert.) If you'd like, you can share a recipe, but you certainly don't have to.

Cookies. Preferably loaded with chocolate chips and pecans. I am a crunchy foods gal.

6. Females: Do you regularly change your handbag to coordinate with your outfit?

I love the regional differences in what we call them! I do good to get my purse changed out between my summery one and my black one! When I was in my twenties, especially when I was engaged and buying fun outfits for parties, I tended to do that more. (I also wore white hose then with the shoes that matched the purse!)

7. Are you task-oriented or relationship-oriented?

Task-oriented. I am big on relationships, but if especially when there's a deadline, I'm focused on what I have to do. Of course, the exception is that I've never overlooked my kids' relational needs in order to get something done, like grocery shopping or fixing dinner. . . . uh, right!

8. IHOP, Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel?

IHOP. Love their Harvest Grain 'n Nut Pancakes! Never heard of Bob Evans. Must be a Yankee thing. LOL Oh, I just pulled up their website, and I see that Mimi's Cafe is a BE spin-off. We got one of those a year or two ago and it is wonderful!

9. Have you ever left a movie in progress in a theater? Why?
Only once, and looking back, I'm really proud I did because I was in high school and my boyfriend and I went to some movie and about 10 minutes into it there were hints of les*ianism and we left. It amazes me now looking back to realize that was in a movie a little over 30 years ago. And I couldn't tell you the name if my life depended on it!

10. What is one area of life in which you would like to develop more discipline or organization?

Prayer. And in the mundane realm, housework.

11. Was middle school fun or painful?

Painful. And not just because of other kids, but because of some teachers. I learned a lot about the haves/have-nots and favoritism and lack of integrity in junior high!

12. What is your favorite Fall beverage?

This question assumes that Fall is a distinct season. I can tell Lidna lives where people wear sweaters for back-to-school instead of shorts! Sweet tea still works just fine! Which is good because I strongly dislike anything pumpkin, which is the big fall flavor most places push.

So now it's your turn to tell all!


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quilly said...

Once again we have some answers a like. Of course, it would probably be more surprising if we didn't have "some" alike.

#6 -- I currently only have one matching purse & shoes combo and they are much too formal for Hawaii. They'd look quite strange with my denim shorts and tank tops!

#10 -- I should have said prayer, too! I used to have a set time for devotions, prayer and journaling and I don't any more.

#12 -- no sweet in my tea!

sara said...

I had no idea that Mimi's was a spin off of Bob Evans!! Mimi's is sooooo much better!

My ADHD Me said...

So you aren't interested if the Males change their handbags to coordinate with their outfits???

Middle School- Painful! You are exactly right. Teachers can be just as bad and sometimes worse than the kids.

Confrontation- I HATE it!! I think I have a guilt complex because I look guilty even when innocent...really I do.....why don't you believe me?

Joyce said...

Hi-hopped over from 2nd cup...

I'm a Cracker Barrel fan but we ate at Bob Evans alot the year we lived in daughter was a newborn and the place was filled with ceiling fans. It was wonderful because we could put her in her carrier on the table and she was hypnotized by the fans. We could eat and she was happy and that makes me feel all warm towards BE

Have a great day!

Susanne said...

Oh I remember the white hose days. What were we thinking? LOL. Loved your answers.

Dena said...

Oh the white hose...I thought I looked so good in those. LOL Great answers, and I'm with you I had never heard of Bob Evans either.

Anonymous said...

My drink was tea too!

(Those Yankees just don't get how things are down here!)

Judy said...

I said tea as well - but not sweet. Go here for a YUMMY chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can add pecans if you want.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I think I might be the only one who thinks a long boring meeting is worse! I've sat through some excruciating meetings where I wished I could be standing -- maybe that's why :)

You don't know what you're missing with the Pumpkin Spice Latte...or maybe you do :)

On an unrelated note, I see that you will be doing an interview with Shaunti Feldhan. My hubby and I read the "For Women Only" and "For Men Only" books not long ago and loved them-- I'll have to check back in to see when you post that!

Long comment -- sorry :)

Barbara H. said...

I like pumpkin in pie and a few other baked goods, but not in my beverages.

I'm mostly passive, too. I grew up with an angry, alcoholic father, and there was not standing up to him!!

I like the way you worded #7.

SouthLakesMom said...

Oh Girl -- you and me, Harvest & Nut pancakes! Wow! I thought they only kept them on the menu for me! My friends NEVER order them!

Thanks for sharing about your life. See you next time!

Melli said...

UGH! WHY didn't I say prayer?! Of COURSE I need to work on prayer! I am so easily distracted!... I find if I WRITE my prayers that helps a LOT! But I don't DO that nearly often enough...

Yea... if you don't like Pumpkin, you really are left out of the autumn flavors aren't you! Do you like the peppermint flavors in winter? ( I don't )

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, where to begin.

I call them purses, too. People also say couch vs. sofa. Which do you say?

I love those pancakes, too.

I forget that it's perpetually warm where you are.

Always glad you jump on board whether early, late or just in time!