Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wanna Know Some Lonestar Secrets?

I was thrilled when I got the chance to read Colleen Coble's latest book, Lonestar Secrets. It's no secret that I love me a book set in Texas, and Colleen Coble is not only a great author, she is as warm and genuine as they come. I loved chatting with her at the Expo back in the spring.

After years away, Shannon Astor returns as a veterinarian to the ranching community of Bluebird Crossing, along with her young daughter, Kylie, determined to show the town she has risen above the rumors that drove her away. She realizes that is easier said than done when she runs smack dab into Jack MacGowan, who started those rumors. But her biggest shock is seeing Jack's daughter, Faith, who is the spitting image of Kylie. Surely this can't be a coincidence. What secrets are about to be brought to light and at what price? And how can this mess be fixed?

In addition to sorting out the situation with Jack and the girls, Shannon is troubled by the cryptic and increasingly desperate phone calls from her friend Mary Beth, who seems to be in some sort of danger. And why are folks determined to dig up the story of the treasure supposedly hidden in the surrounding caves - the same caves that took her parents' lives? Is there something more sinister at work?

This multi-layered story kept me spellbound from start to finish. So many elements weave together to make it a thoroughly satisfying read - suspense, grudges, betrayal, family secrets, heartbreak, power, romance, and trust. Set in the Big Bend area and with as many twists and turns as a West Texas tree, Lonestar Secrets shouldn't be kept a secret!

Can Texas's majestic Big Bend help Shannon find her life again?

Shannon Astor returns to southwest Texas to serve as the town's veterinarian, believing she's finally found the space to get her life back on track.

Then she catches a glimpse of Jack MacGowan, the man who ruined her life years before. But even more shocking is the sight of Jack's five-year-old daughter Faith, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Shannon's own daughter Kylie. Is it possible that their similarities could be more than just coincidence? Could Faith be the daughter that Shannon has believed to be dead for all these years?

As the truth emerges, everyone is forced to take sides--in a story with a heart as big as Texas.

Born and raised in the Midwest (Indiana), I grew up on a farm with horses, pigs and chickens. I had plenty of adventure–from being dragged by my pony to running my brother Randy’s motorcycle through a fence. Maybe that’s why all my stories have action and adventure in them.

How I Started Writing:
I think only God knows what really makes a writer. He gave me the upbringing I would need and the voracious reading appetite necessary to understand what makes a story. I remember the night I finished a book and told the Lord how tired I was of reading books that assumed He didn’t exist. I told God I’d do my best to write for Him, but He would have to open the doors. I waited and nothing happened. I couldn’t think of a thing worth saying.

Then one night in August 1990 everything changed.

To learn the rest of this story, visit Collen at her website! She also contributes, along with three other authors, to a blog!


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quilly said...

This sounds like a great story. Another one for my reading list!

Colleen Coble said...

Thanks for the great review, Linda!!