Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Smiles

I'm sure it's been making the rounds, but it still makes me laugh. . . .A friend emailed me this picture the other day. Pretty clever!

I heard this song for the first time last year and loved it. Every parent has experienced this. I heard it the other day and it made me smile all over again.

Fortunately, our family is past the toy packaging stage. Now if they could do something about CD and DVD packaging -- those stickers you have to peel off the edges once you get inside the plastic make me crazy!

Finally, for those of you with kids, especially little boys. . . .

Have a great Friday!


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quilly said...

Toy packaging was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love that top picture ("ditto")!
It's something I would do.
Please check out my blog and join if you like it!

Be blessed and Happy Holidays.

Barbara H. said...

I'd not heard that Toy Packaging song before, bUt it is pretty accurate! What would have really topped of the video would have been showing the child playing with the toy for all of ten seconds once it was out and then dropping it to play with something else.

Love that cartoon. I have three boys. Sometimes I think that instead of me refining them, they've dragged me down into enjoying such jokes. :-D

Cindy said...

Someone emailed that cartoon to me and it makes me laugh each time I see it. Surprisingly, as I look up and down our street there are very few decorated houses and they aren't close to the one in the photo. It's as if everyone has decided to keep things simple this year.

sara said...

love that top picture! that made me laugh!!!

And I love what Barbara said!!! That would have made the video even more accurate!! ha!

My ADHD Me said...

Ditto Picture--HAHAHA!! Too funny. I've often felt for those poor souls who live next door to the houses on the Tacky House Tour. The never ending traffic and buses would easily get old.

I'm having audio problems so I can't listen to the song. I'll get my 13 year old to fix it after school.


Together We Save said...

Love the ditto picture I had to seen it but the comic strip is my favorite!

Melli said...

OY! I just heard that Toy Packaging song for the first time today.... NOT one of my favorites, to be sure!

Cathy said...

These are too funny! I love the snowman "picking" his nose.

Lisa Spence said...

Smiling :)

Merry Christmas, friend!