Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flashback Friday Prompt

Eagerly anticipated by some, and dreaded by others, Sunday is Halloween. Just like a pendulum swings, I have seen extremes on both ends of the spectrum for how this day is viewed. In addition to Halloween, this is also the season of fall festivals at schools and churches. While we may have a variety of opinions and convictions about the various activities that occur at this time of year, this meme is not intended to start a debate. Rather, it's just an opportunity to look back and remember the fun (and, perhaps, not so fun) aspects of our childhood. (All of you who so graciously participate in my meme always play so nicely together that I hesitated to even mention that, but I decided a gentle reminder couldn't hurt!)

What  was Halloween like when you were growing up? Did your family participate? If not, was there a substitute activity? Did your school or church have a fall festival or carnival? Were there stipulations regarding costumes? What sorts of activities did they have? What about Halloween parties? Have you ever bobbed for apples or been on a hayride? What are your memories of "haunted houses"? (I'm not referring to the ultra-scary, secular ones, just the fun kid ones, with bowls of grapes and cold spaghetti!) If you went trick-or-treating, what were the rules, both for trick-or-treating and for candy consumption? What types of costumes did you wear? Were they store-bought or homemade? Did you carve a jack-o-lantern? How are your children's experiences similar or different to yours? And the most important question: Do you like candy corn? What is your favorite (and least favorite!) Halloween candy?

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bp said...

:) I'll have some candy corn!

Plenty of fun memories for this one! See you tomorrow.

Cindy said...

For me, it was always all about the candy. I always liked candy corn but my favorite candy bar was a Payday.