Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Miscellany

  • This week's Target ad makes me feel really old. It proclaims that this is Dollar Week. Which mean all the prices end in ".00". As in $5.00. $7.00. $10.00. You get the idea. I remember when Dollar Week meant stuff was $1.00. Heading into my senior year in college, I stocked most of my first apartment's kitchen & bath with Target's Dollar Week stuff. And no, I didn't carry it all in a covered wagon!

  • Thanks so much for your interest and concerns in the saga of my sister's furlough housing. (I know the IMB has changed the name to Stateside Assignment, but furlough is so much easier to write!) The church who owns the missionary house verified that the retiring missionaries will indeed be moved out by February 1. The woman at the apartment complex was more than gracious and understanding about my backing out of the agreement, although she was unable to refund my earnest money, which I knew I would lose. The gas company, however, is refunding the $90 deposit I paid to begin service, which was an incredible surprise and blessing.

    And the best thing about this house is: it is fully furnished, so I don't have to spend time soliciting donations or loans of furniture, kitchen items, etc.

    Now I "just" have to find her a reliable car! But God is faithful and He's always come through before. My job is not to stress out over it!

  • Today is my final (hopefully) visit with the ortho doctor for my foot. I am mostly pleased with how quickly it has healed. There are still areas of tenderness with certain types of movement, so I want to be sure I address that with him, especially in light of the dismal results of my bone density test. But every time I see someone on crutches now, I feel a special empathy for them!

  • The Iwo Jima puzzle is slowly progressing. We have completed all the lower areas along with the flag. Now all that's left is the sky. Cloudy, gray & white sky.

  • I never knew puzzles were such character builders. The process certainly brings to light areas in which I need more patience. One is in not letting my "pet peeves" get under my skin so much. While I appropriately correct my girl when she smacks her gum, I do recognize that it is virtually impossible to eat the last bit of a candy cane silently. And yet the crunching can absolutely Send.Me.Up.The.Wall. And yet I know one of these days way too soon I'll be wishing she were here crunching her candy!

  • Please tell me it's not just me! So just for fun, what little things drive you nuts? You don't even have to say who does them! (But I'll feel a lot better if it's your kids!)

    Have a great Monday!


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    My ADHD Me said...

    I'm not sure what it was that drove me nuts....but I'm there!!

    Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

    Oh the smacking of the food, how it annoys me!!!! Nathan has a bad habit of taking a bite of apple or whatever and then hanging over the back of my chair to watch what I'm doing. This means that he is just inches from my ear...eewwww.

    So, does your girl still have all of her digits after a bout of puzzle solving with you?


    JulieM said...

    Gum popping and "yeah" instead of "yes" -- and "yes, ma'am" is even better!

    Mel said...

    Squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle every every day LOL...

    2nd Cup of Coffee said...

    Funny stuff. Pet Peeve: boring speakers, name droppers, mis-pronunciations of words. Recently, someone said, "I hate to see people regurt to their old ways." REVERT! REVERT!

    Anonymous said...

    What drives me nuts, hmmm. 2nd cup has a point about boring speakers, but I think, more specifically for me it would be speakers who talk to their audience as if the audience is in pre-school, while winking at them. ewwww.

    A Stone Gatherer said...

    Yeah to how things worked out for your sister! God is good! Now for annoying things, when my daughter taps her fingernails on something while I'm concentrating, or when she plays a song over, and over, and over, and over on the piano. Oh and my son constantly forgeting to change underwear or put on deoterent! Is that enough or shall I list more!!!