Saturday, June 27, 2009

TSMSS - One Life to Love

I posted yesterday that this week has been a reminder that popularity and prosperity don't make one immune to death. In the wake (no pun intended) of this week's celebrity deaths, particularly that of MJ, the world seems at a loss to explain how so successful a life could end up in such ruin; it apparently hasn't figured out that you can "have it all" and still have nothing.

The media keep asking, regarding the music icon, "What happened? How did he end up like this?" On Fox News Friday night, Sean Hannity interviewed a prominent reverend who was close to MJ, and Hannity repeatedly tried to open the door to a spiritual conversation. Sadly, Rev. A. S. wouldn't even acknowledge his own beliefs, much less say anything about MJ other than laud his musical genius and dismiss his shortcomings.

But as Proverbs 15:16 puts it, Better a little with the fear of the LORD than great wealth with turmoil.

And while there are certainly godly wealthy people, the recent news brings to mind the parable of the Rich Man and the Beggar and the sobering peek into eternity given.

I had this song on my mind all day Friday. What a great reminder this is for all of us.

You only get just one time around,
You only get one shot at this
One chance to find out
The one thing that you don’t wanna miss
One day when it’s all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough
This one ride, one try,
One life to love

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19-21

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Geli said...

Powerful reminder! Thank you, Linda.

Robin Lambright said...

Your words are so very true!

The world only wants to see the illusion, not the truth!

I was posting about this scripture this past week and it seems so very relevant for us today.

ISA 30:9 These are rebellious people, deceitful children,
children unwilling to listen to the LORD's instruction.

ISA 30:10 They say to the seers,
"See no more visions!"
and to the prophets,
"Give us no more visions of what is right!
Tell us pleasant things,
prophesy illusions.

MJ was a powerful entertainer, but there were also other things, very disturbing things, in his life that need to be recognize as well. I am afraid that this side will get brushed away and all the focus will be about fame musically!

This makes me very sad and a bit angry!


Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

So sad that a lot of the famous miss out on the best happiness of all. I really love this song.

Cindy said...

I wasn't a big MJ fan but I've been thinking a lot about him and his family and wondering where he really stood spiritually. So many celebrities (and people in general, to be honest) give lip service to God but their lifestyles just don't show evidence of it. Like you said in the other post, the evidence is in the fruit of one's life.

Erica said...

I love this song, one of my favorites! Makes me think every time I stop to listen! Thank you for sharing!

Susan said...

Excellent Linda!

I saw the same interview and thought the same exact thoughts!

Love the song you choose, how perfect!

I've missed stopping by.

Have a blessed weekend♥

Karen said...

Wonderful reflections and a great song to bring to light the important things in life...

My ADHD Me said...

My 18 yr old said, "OK, MJ died. What a shame. So did 100's or 1,000's of other people."

Heidi said...

Amen to all you've said here.

bp said...

I like to hear this song and be reminded that things here don't really matter as much as they sometimes feel like they do to me in view of eternity.

Jhona O. said...

I have been thinking along these lines too. Thank you for writing it so eloquently.

And thank you for the beautiful reminder in song:) Love it!!!

Amen and Amen:)
Jhona O.

Kelly said...

This song & the verse you picked are SO true! Love the song.

Cathy said...

That was great, Linda. I had not heard it before. Thank you ~

Lauren said...

Wow - this is too true! Thank you so much for sharing this - I love this song! I hear it on the radio and turn the volume UP! We only get one life on earth - so let's spend it giving glory to God and spreading His name all over so that others might join us in glorious eternity praising God!

Valerie said...

This is a powerful song and an unquestionable truth. I don't know how people make it through life without Jesus.

Both of the CDs by 33Miles are well worth the money, too!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Wonderful post Linda! I love the verse you used!

Hazel said...

"wouldn't even acknowledge his own beliefs..." that makes some discussion point in my mind. I love your post. I appreciate being reminded that there's only one life to live and love. Happy Saturday.