Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fun

First of all, here's the winner of Cindy Woodsmall's The Sound of Sleigh Bells: Result: 12

Congrats to Katie! Email me your address and I'll send the book your way!

A shout-out and a big thanks to CeeCee of Book Splurge for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. I love her profile description on her blog: I was born with a book in my hands. That was great for me, but a little hard on my mother. Sorry mom!

It's funny the way a joke will seemingly originate and then all of a sudden it pops up everywhere you turn - in multiple emails, conversations, etc. The latest one this week really did give me a chuckle. If you don't like that it's a Blonde joke, substitute Aggie or your favorite "two bricks short of a load" persona:
Upon conducting an audit of passwords, it was discovered that a blonde had the following password for her computer:


When asked why she had such a lengthy password,
the blonde replied,
"Duh! It has to be at least eight characters!"

I had a doctor's appointment today. It was my third attempt to see this particular doctor in the last two weeks, but the first two were canceled due to the doctor's family emergencies. (His wife had some serious surgery.) But whenever a situation like that happens where it's the third try, it always makes me a tad nervous. Because I never know whether it's going to be. . .

Third time's the charm.
Third strike, you're out.

Just wondering what makes the difference. . . !

I just love old people and down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is, dry wit. While I know this is a joke, I can just see some little old lady really saying this:

Just before the funeral services, the undertaker came up to the very elderly widow and asked,
"How old was your husband?"
"98," she replied, "Two years older than me."
"So you're 96," the undertaker commented.
She responded, "Hardly worth going home, is it?"

Finally, I saw this on the blog Loop de Loops in La La Land and loved it! That would definitely make trudging up the stairs more inviting!

So tell me, do you generally take the stairs or an escalator/elevator if available? If stairs, is there a maximum # of flights at which you'll ride up instead?!

Have a great Friday!


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quilly said...

Congrats on your great award.

Are you certain that password blond isn't related to Jennifer?

And I saw that staircase video somewhere yesterday and almost swiped it for my blog.

At the mall we often take the stairs because the elevators are just too packed -- and we've been known to climb to the 4th floor. However, I am usually the one that decides whether we walk or wait for the ride because I am the one with the bad knee joints.

sara said...

I'm thinkin your new little random number thingy is not as nice to me as your old one!!!

love the diddy about the old woman, made me LOL!!

my son posted that video on his FB. Very fun. As for me......I exercise at the gym so I can take the escalator!!! :)

My ADHD Me said...

Loved that joke about the little old lady. I can DEFINITELY see a few ladies I know saying that. haha.

Those stairs were cool. I can see myself being late for wherever I was going as I would be caught up trying to play a song on the stairs.

I usually take the stairs. We go to a condo in SC most summers. Our place is on the 6th floor. I usually take the stairs there. I have been known to get off at the 4th floor occasionally and take the elevator for the last 2 floors.

bp said...

I hadn't heard that password joke, cute!

Have a happy weekend!

CeeCee said...

I came over here to read some Friday fun and received a wonderful surprise. You deserve the award!

Ohmigoodness! These were funny. I can see my granny saying something like that. We all have a weird sense of humor. Keep them coming!

Barbara H. said...

Love the blond joke!

Hope you finally get in to see the doctor.

Love that video -- I saw it in a friend's Facebook and used it on my blog Monday. I don't usually take stairs because I am out of shape and my knees are starting to give me problems.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

My knees are terrible, so if it's more than one flight I take the escalator. Unless I'm with other people and I don't want to admit that I am out of shape with bad knees, then I'll suffer in silence and then ice them later! LOL!