Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hole-y Humbled

I had a helping of humility yesterday, served with several dozen doughnut holes.

And of course, what's a little humility without sharing it on my blog for the whole wide world 3 of you to read?!

We wrapped up our six-week study of Vicki Courtney's 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter yesterday morning with a brunch. I know lots of churches are enjoying this study and moms are being greatly encouraged to have keep those lines of communications open and talk, talk, talk with their daughters.

And we had a little extra bonus at our brunch that other churches don't get to have: Vicki came for a Q&A time.

Not that I would brag or anything. Ahem.

(For those who don't know, Vicki goes to my church. Or I guess I should say, I go to hers!)

Oh yeah, I was talking about humility. That definitely wasn't it!

Anyway, as brunches typically are organized, we all signed up to bring something. I was in the Muffins/Bread/Coffeecake category and had several options in mind, among them my Chocolate Muffins or Apple-Walnut Bundt Cake, as well as a couple of newer recipes I've been wanting to try.

As it turned out though, Tuesday I was essentially gone all day, picked up kids from school, made dinner, went to piano, and by the time the running around was done about 8:00 I was wiped out.

So I, the one who loves to bake and who brags about insists on making everything from scratch, took doughnut holes. And even worse, they were from the grocery store because our famous and irresistible doughnut shop was the wrong direction and I didn't have time to go by there after taking my kids to school.

Amazingly, they didn't kick me out of the study, and the world hasn't fallen off of its axis. Yet. But I'm thinking I need to get out the mixer just to make amends lest it feel jilted.

It was a hole new experience!


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quilly said...

Let's recap -- you had Hugh & Milli for tea at the church and you served them Holy donuts? Yes?

Cathy said...

Too funny! But for some of us, that would be normal. Our ladies Bible study ended Tuesday and everyone was supposed to bring something to eat. I stopped at the grocery on the way and got something from the deli. That's just normal for me. In fact, for our church dinners, hubby is usually the one that cooks. Seems when I do it, we bring most of it back home. hahaha I guess some of us have it and some of us don't. I fit in the don't and I'm okay with that. lol

sara said...

sometimes a girl's gotta due what a girl's gotta due.....but I'm sure you mixer would appreciate some attention and if you wanted to say "ship" an apple-walnut bundt cake to a bloggy friend, I'm sure I would not complain.....but that's a "hole" nother story!!! :)

Unknown said...

As the mother of a teenage daughter I am checking this book out ASAP!

and (LOL)I'm sure you worked up quite a sweat walking through the store to pick up those donuts, that counts for something.

and...3 readers...I don't think so, but I have days when I think the very same thing!

Jennifer Taylor said...

What's wrong with donut holes? My hubby doesn't let me in the kitchen often. I think everything goes in the microwave--I mean everything!

Amy said...

Nothin' wrong with a few doughnut holes now and then...but if any of them read your blog they will be jonesin' for those chocolate better be ready the next time!!

When you say mixer do you mean a really nice mixer?? I am jealous