Thursday, October 22, 2009

Redefining { beau-ti-ful }

It is easy to be discouraged by the messages constantly bombarded at girls by today's society. It seems as if every ad, every magazine, every clothing store is promoting an unrealistic and ungodly image of beauty, one which is impossible to attain. At the same time, I am so encouraged by the efforts of numerous Christian musicians and speakers to counter this attack with solid Biblical truth. I posted Jonny Diaz's song More Beautiful You last Saturday, and now I have a great book for you to share with your daughters and the girls in your youth group.

Redefining Beautiful by Jenna Lucado is aimed at doing just that: helping girls to see themselves from God's perspective rather than through the world's distorted lens. In chapters as fresh and down-to-earth as if she were chatting at a sleepover, Jenna addresses these matters of the heart in the style of a makeover, with interactive questions and short quizzes to help girls evaluate their friendships, their relationships with their dad, and how they relate to God. Sprinkled throughout the book are Beauty Tips ranging from the practical (such as get plenty of sleep, wear sunscreen, and dress modestly) to the personal (such as meditate on God's word, know your worth). Snippets of encouragement -- and anecdotes from Jenna's growing-up years! -- are provided throughout the book by Jenna's dad, Max Lucado. This is an excellent book for any girl in middle school and high school, and would also be great as a small group study.

Not feeling very beautiful? Learn what beauty is from God's perspective.

Revolve speaker Jenna Lucado has teamed up with her dad, Max Lucado, to bring girls a fresh perspective on what they need to live a life of peace, joy, and confidence. What does God see when He looks at them? And how does a girl catch that vision?

Jenna reveals life accessories that are essential, and which single accessory is a real must-have to give teens a look they love—a look that says they are comfortable with who they are and secure and confident. What’s the all-important accessory? Love from a father. But what happens when there is no loving father in sight, no daddy to tell them they are beautiful?

Through conversational “girl time” Jenna reveals that when we look to God as our Father, He can change our focus, our look, and our lives. With affirmation from Max, Redefining Beautiful will change the way girls look at God, themselves, and the people around them.

If Jenna Lucado is sure of anything, she is sure of this, “I have a deep calling on my life to give hope to teenage girls.” What started out as a heart to encourage teen girls has now blossomed into a ministry. Daughter of best-selling Christian author Max Lucado, Jenna has realized that she has inherited a passion for writing and speaking just like her dad. She is currently a part of the Revolve Tour, an event for teen girls that includes a line-up of Christian artists like Natalie Grant, as well as speaker and author, Chad Eastham and many more. In September 2009 the release of her debut book, Redefining Beautiful, hit bookstore shelves. Jenna has also narrated part of Thomas Nelson’s Word of Promise: Next Generation. Through all the piling projects, Jenna is driven by the thought of one more girl hearing about the love of Jesus.

You can purchase Redefining Beautiful directly from Thomas Nelson Publishers or from Amazon and other booksellers.

Thanks to the Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger Program for providing a review copy of this book!


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quilly said...

This I highly approve of, and I know a teenage that's getting a copy!

Cathy said...

Sounds like a book I'd like to check out.

sara said...

this sounds like a great book and one I need to recommend to your youth leaders!

CeeCee said...

Great review!

bp said...

Thanks for the review, this looks like a great one.