Sunday, July 27, 2008

These Modern Times!

Well, this is just the coolest thing since sliced bread!

My boy got his braces off last Tuesday. (I didn't have anything else going on except for my mom's CT scan, ER visit, and hospitalization, so it was a great week to have 3 orthodontist appointments!) We went back Thursday for the retainer and I was expecting one like I've seen most kids wear, with the wire across the top teeth and the piece that sticks to the roof of the mouth. You know, the one that is such a delight first thing in the morning! And that kids pop out onto napkins at mealtime (assuming they wear them 24 hours/day as instructed!) and periodically send down the conveyor belt on their school lunch trays into the trash.

Not so. He walked out with the retainer case and popped it open and this is what I saw:

Totally clear, fits just over the teeth, and he only has to wear it at bedtime! I don't know if this type is better or if the dentist figures kids get more actual hours of wear because they are more compliant with this schedule and this type, but I thought it was really neat. On the bottom he has a small permanent retainer that I can barely see behind his teeth.

Things have sure changed since I had braces a million years ago! Fortunately! And I was so, so glad he didn't have to suffer through the agony of wearing a neck gear!

He never had to walk barefoot through the snow to his appointments, either!


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Becoming Me said...

Very cool. I didn't get invisaline...huff! :-) I do have a nifty daisy retainer though and I laughed out loud when they gave me a bunch of options and asked me if I wanted to add glitter.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

That is so cool!

FirstHusband was one of those kids who had the "kiss of death" headgear braces that he had to wear all day. You know, the headgear that brands you as "uncool" for like, ever.

Kelli said...

Thanks for the encouragement. My daughter gets hers off in two weeks. I hope we get the same retainers. The old ones are creepy ;)


BP said...

Those look neat. I never had braces so I didn't have to deal with retainers!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I always wanted braces when I was a kid (go figure), but I was blessed with straight teeth. Looking back, I am glad that I never had to go through all of that....


Christina said...

My daughter had this. It's like ivisalign. She liked wearing it better then the other kind.