Sunday, November 21, 2010


Laura L. Smith
ISBN: 978-1600066238
August, 2010/160 pages/$12.99

Emma's life is crazily careening out of control. In the midst of her anger and hurt, can she choose a different direction?

Emma is angry. She’s angry at her siblings, who she always has to baby sit; her parents, who are divorcing and ruining her life in the process; and herself for not measuring up to anyone’s standards.

With her simmering feelings ready to spill over at any time, Emma's self-worth plummets. Her faith in God is tested in the face of overwhelming hurt that threatens to send her over the edge. Can she turn back in time?

Online study guide companion available.

Laura Smith graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Upon graduation, she moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in corporate real estate. After the birth of her first child, she had an epiphany to follow her lifelong dream of writing. She is realizing this dream as the author of Skinny, Hot, and Angry . Smith has returned to her college town, where she lives happily ever after with her husband and four children. Visit her website at

This is the second of Laura Smith's books geared specifically toward teenage issues that I've read (I reviewed Hot here), and she demonstrates once again that she is in touch with the feelings that teenagers experience. In an unfallen world, families would not deal with the heartache of divorce and the fallout as a result. But the reality is that even Christian families experience this, which is all the more confusing to the children impacted. This book excellently portrays the disappointment, anger, and uncertainty that a teenager feels when her life is turned upside down. Emma's anger occasionally spills out into confrontations with her mom and the occasional mild expletive. And because no one lives in a bubble, in addition to her family turmoil, she also deals with angst and jealousy when she tries out for the school production of her favorite show, Les Mis. I love Emma's raw honesty as she cries out to God:
"Lord, help me not to be so angry! I want to break something or hit my dad square in the nose or cut Carol's pretty blond hair with pinking shears. Jesus, you were so kind to people who were mean to You--like those soldiers who nailed Your hands. You said You forgave them. How did You do that? I don't even want to do that!"
As God often does, He speaks to Laura right within her circumstances, even using the school play as an allegory of His love.

The free discussion guide available for download, is peppered with Scriptures. This would be a wonderful book for a youth leader to use in a small group setting or teenage girls book club.

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