Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Closing Out November

Still laptop-less but at least I'm home. My man is headed to the store today to find the part that is hopefully the problem. This is one of those times that it's great being married to a computer engineer!

My boy and I had a great visit to Rice University yesterday, which is my man's alma mater. It's an awesome school but one of my biggest impressions is "cha-ching, cha-ching!" We'll have to see how generous their Financial Aid Department is.

And it's been awhile since my hair has been quite as frizzy as it was yesterday when we toured the campus in 80 degree weather and 120% humidity! It was one of those days where the covered walkways were wet even though it hadn't rained!

As another November draws to a close, I've once again enjoyed participating in the Giving Thanks Challenge hosted by Leah at South Breeze Farm. As in previous years, I am posting the complete list so I can remind myself in the future of those things for which I was especially thankful this month.


1. My family
2. Music
3. The privilege to vote
4. Memories
5. The Bible
6. Sleep
7. My wonderful church family
8. Prayer
9. God's faithfulness
10. Laughter
11. Our Veterans
12. Grace
13. God's Unconditional Love
14. Migraine medicine
15. The internet
16. Opportunities
17. Books
18. (Dark) Chocolate
19. Beauty of creation
20. My dentist
21. Sunshine. . .and rain
22. Our exchange student "daughter"
23, My mother-in-law
24. Downtime
25. Good food
26. The piano
27. Mexican food
28. Sunday afternoons
29. My reliable van
30.My washer and dryer


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Kim said...

Hey Linda! I'm following your computer meltdown on your blog. Hope it's fixed soon! I know little about Rice University, but just Googled it and WOW! Neat school! Must be some terribly smart kids that go there according to the statistics! (your son will fit right in!) I have all of that to look forward to next year!

quilly said...

I hope your laptop is up and running soon!