Friday, November 26, 2010

Flashback Friday - Gobbling Up Memories, Part 2

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, food, fun, and a heaping helping of gratitude. This week we are continuing with our Thanksgiving flashbacks. Share more about Thanksgivings from your growing up years, your early adult years, or flashback all the way to yesterday and tell us how you celebrated!

Last year was the first time that my man's side of the family has eaten at a restaurant on Thanksgiving, and we did it again this year. The restaurant where we ate has beautiful grounds, and after finishing our food we enjoyed a walk along the winding paths and over bridges by a waterfall and a small pond. Last year there were quite a few peacocks, but this year we only saw one. A first this year, though, was seeing a bunny hopping across the grass, and there was a beautiful swan floating along the pond. Most of us came back to my MIL's house to relax and visit, and for supper my SIL and I set out a a taco buffet, which allowed folks to eat as lightly or heavily as they felt like!

And I am NOT racing out the door to participate in Black Friday this morning!

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Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

quilly said...

I guess I am not late today if nobody else played!

The last couple of years I lived in Vegas, my friend and I used to dine out together for Thanksgiving. I think my favorite part of the meal was boxing up the mountain of leftovers (we always ate ate Marie Calendars and they serve enough food for three meals) and going outside. There were always homeless people standing at that intersection and one of them always got my leftovers.

As I boxed up the meal I would ask God to help me find the person who needed it most. I trust that He did.