Friday, January 2, 2009

One Year!

One year ago today, I dipped my toe tentatively in the water and started this blog.

What a novice I was! (And still am, in many ways!)

The credit (or blame, depending on how you view it!) goes to The Preacher's Wife and to Vicki Courtney. I had been reading Vicki's blog for a while, and occasionally commenting on it. I kept seeing several folks whose comments I related to, and I'd go visit their blogs. One was Lisa's. I emailed her a time or two, she was gracious enough to respond, and a friendship was born. As I commented on the blogs, I became weary of being Anonymous or just using my first name, and I wanted an identity.

(The end of that sentence could make a sermon!)

So barely knowing what it was, I announced to a community who didn't even know that I existed that I was going to give it a try. Kinda like walking up to a bunch of kids at recess and saying "Can I play?" when I didn't know the kids or how to play the game!

I had no idea what I was in for.

Bless Lisa's heart, she gave me a shout-out on her blog and some folks hopped over to welcome me, most of whom have become dear friends!

I had no idea the community of Christian women that I would "meet" through this. The sharing that occurs. The bonding. The encouragement. The iron sharpening iron. Not to mention just the absolute FUN that I have. It surely can't be normal to think about these unseen friends when I wake up in the night or as I go about my day!

So in honor of my 1-year-blogiversary, here's a look back.

And of course, what would an anniversary be without a gift? Because I would love to have a real-life cup of mocha (or tea, if you prefer) with you, I'm giving away 3 Starbucks gift cards. Just leave a comment here to enter. There will also be one bonus giveaway that's a secret. (Don't get too excited. It's not a cruise or anything!) Comments must be received by Sunday night (Jan. 4) at 8:00 PM CST and I'll draw 4 names. Be sure you include a way for me to contact you if you don't have a blog!

Thanks for making this a great first blog year. I don't know how I would have made it through the upheaval my life experienced in 2008 without the friendship, support, and prayers I received from all of you.


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Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I, for one, am glad that you dipped your toe in the water and then jumped in head first when you realized that the water was perfect!


Mel said...

Happy Happy anniversary!!! You are extraordinary at what you do. Raising a glass to many more years of blogging from you.

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

I was surprised you have been at blogging only a year. I love your book reviews. I did win a book last month and had taken myself out of your give a ways, but I haven't won any Starbucks gift cards, so please count me in. Thanks and congrats on such an inspiring blog.

Cathy Davis said...

"Kinda like walking up to a bunch of kids at recess and saying "Can I play?" when I didn't know the kids or how to play the game!" I still feel like that kid!!!

I'm so glad we have become bloggy friends! I would love to have a cup of coffee with you (and Lisa and Vicki!)!!

I'm blessed by your blog every time I vist. Here's to many more bloggy years :-)!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Your forgot to mention how your life went from black and white to technicolor and fireworks when you met me. Slight oversight.

Deven said...

I'm a new reader through the ISWYS carnival. So glad you're writing.

lmerie said...

Congratulations on a year!! I think I am afraid to look back on my first post . . . maybe I will today, in honor of your year.

I did check out your warning - tooo cute! I want the mints! hehe

Happy Day!

bp said...

I'm glad you tried blogging! I enjoy your book reviews so much! Happy New Year!

Mary said...

I really enjoy your blog; it is always encouraging, insightful or interesting. Congratulations on one year!


sara said...

congrats on a great year!! I am so glad I found your blog!! Your blog has not only been a source of great books for me but also a source of great encouragement.....Thanks!

btw, I am going to be somewhere in Tx at the end of Feb. Somewhere between Houston and San Antonio at a girls weekend. I say somewhere, because I can't at the moment remember where it is....age, ugh! Anyway, as soon as I find out for sure, and if it is semi close to you want to meet for coffee!!!!!

Kerri said...

Congratulations!!! I love being able to connect with another coffee/chocolate friend & you've been such an inspiration since I started blogging this fall. I think I am going to go have another cup of coffee just to celebrate your special day! blessings to you~

Chatty Kelly said...

Congrats! I haven't been blogging a year yet, but experienced the same great Christian friendships...from "strangers" too! Isn't it amazing??!?

I'd love to be entered in your contest. I am a Starbucks addict.

Also, I am the sister of that crazy "My ADHD Me" and we did the Cold/Heat Miser on "See What Your Saying."

Debbie said...

Thanks for your blog posts - I have found many new Christian authors to read, through your book reviews.

If you're including Canadian residents in your giveaway, I'd love to enter. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Always enjoyed your blog since I found you!! I had to read the poem wrote about your mom...mine is now 87 with some challenges going on and it's hard to see how fragile she is becoming...

That was a great poem...


A Stone Gatherer said...

WOW Happy Blogoversary Linda! You are a Gem and a Jewel, and I have so enjoyed gettiing to know you this year! A BIG OLE' BLESSING TO YOU MY FRIEND!

Patrice said...

Happy 1st year of blogging!!

I too am still a newbie starting my blog in March, so not quite a year. Like you I jumped into the middle of the playground with no idea of what I was doing!

During this short time I have made wonderful friends, that would be there for me in an instance!

Love it!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Happy 1st year Linda!!!!!
It's amazing the fun blogging can be, and like you said the wonderful christian women you "meet."
I always enjoy reading your blog, so here is to another year....raising a cup of coffee..... :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Happy New Year sweet friend!!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I am so so happy that you emailed me all those months ago and that we've become real life friends! Your blog is awesome and I know you've blessed many through it - especially me.

Much love!


Kim said...

I started blogging not long before you did, and our journeys have been similar! I am going to bookmark you on my favorites and add a link on my site to your blog. You have a great site!!

Thanks for stopping by!