Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flashback Friday Prompt - Five Rings

I'm always a little sad when it's an odd-numbered year because that means there will be no Olympics on TV. So let's have a few of our own!

Did you and your family watch the Olympics when you were growing up? Which was your overall favorite - summer or winter? Which individual events were your favorites? Since blogging is international, which country did you cheer for? Have you ever been to an Olympics or known anyone who competed? What are some of the hallmark memories of the Olympics that you remember? Did the Olympics ever inspire you to take a certain sport (or practice more!)? Do you prefer watching them the old way when everything was delayed in the days before 24-hour cable and internet? Do you watch them more or less today than you did when you were growing up? What about the Special Olympics? Have you ever had any involvement with them?

Share your memories tomorrow on your blog and come link up here!


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Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

LuV the olympics on tv.
didn't have tv as a child~
especially loved Turin/Torino.
our cousin won 6 medals in speed skating, setting a record for our country! woohoo ! YES! awesome ~
and she always gave credit to God in her interviews.
thx for the meme - already had a post so couldn't add to this one, but have enjoyed yours!
tea on at FHC ~ Welcome!