Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flashback Friday Prompt - School Discipline

It was fun reading about everyone's experiences with discipline and punishment last week. This week we are expanding that theme to the school.
How strict were teachers when you were in school? What were common methods of discipline? No recess? Writing sentences? Being sent to the principal's office? Were "pops" or "swats" allowed? Did you ever get in "big" trouble at school? If so, what was it for and what happened to you? Were you ever suspended from school? If you got in trouble at school, what happened at home? Was school lunch a pretty relaxed environment or was discipline maintained in the cafeteria as well? If you are a teacher, what have you vowed never to do as a result of your experiences growing up?

Share your stories of getting in trouble at school tomorrow and come back here to link up!


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bp said...

Love it!
See you tomorrow :)

riTa Koch said...

I'm back!
Can't find where to link up, not yet anyway.